My B20 EK9 NEW (250bhp 160+tq)

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I'm aware of that, grinding is the syncro I'm pretty sure, only started when I put the slip stuff in.
My diff is silent when cold aswell, only wakes up after about 15-20mins then clunks a Gooden!
Yeah Matt ek9 on here has a plate diff. Kazz one. He just runs syncro80 gear oil no modifiers or out. Seems to be doing okay.
If you don't like it put the stuff in. Should make the diff alittle more agressive aswell.
Coolio. Need to get on track myself, only one trackday since I bought it isn't good lol
there so expensive now. oulton is £70 odd more on average compared to 2010........
Yeah I noticed brands hatch is now up at 225 odd for a day! In march I paid 150 for a day.
Silly money really, but I'm addicted so have to pay up lol
Some additions...




And the leak..

It sure did look quick on track and sounded awesome!! i thought your car looked familliar! as i remember reading your build thread! are you on track at the Forge actionday or japfest? il try and get some more photos if so!!
He looked like he was trying to crash when I was behind him...
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