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May 3, 2013
Well i needed a car with tax an test an i regretted selling my last black ek. (Thread is on here somewhere)

So i went out and found this little gem in my hometown. Even though i had never seen it before?

Bought it for a steal with tax an nct shes a ej9 1.4

Very lively and healthy engine and rust free car.

Paint is alright as it was sprayed before but its done baddly but looks well so will do for now till i get it resprayed in the future.

Im going to keep this one if i can because i always miss not having an ek even though i have the eg6.

It had god awful lexus lights which had been put on wrong and wer bastards to get off?

But ya its gone through a lot of changes so i llet the pictures do some of the talking.
This was it when i got it




The next day

The day after

And so on
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Mugen Wing preface rear lights. Hids. White bulbs all around.

Backbox, Lowered an new sterio an speakers.

Wheels and rays wheelnuts.


Then lowered it more got genuine type r grill. Standard honda mirrors an custom plates :)
And made a faclift splitter fit :nerv: This is kinda rough an ready btw as its my daily and im a mechanic haha

Then i did somethin stupid and long story short made the really healthy 1.4 smokey and took this as an excuse to d15z6 it #sohcvtecturbobuild

So ya its a long term turbo build haha.


Got a really healthy d15 an gearbox an ecu for pennys and it doesnt burn a drop of oil!!! or smoke DELIGHTED :run::D










Got a full genuine n1 system but didnt like it. Apparently it sounded well outside the car but thats no good to me i need to hear it



My custom spoiler then :dance:

My raspy 2.5 is on it now :)) and im gonna lower it more tmr hopefully she sits right.

Lookin forward to my future plans

Future plans

Rear bumper lip like i had on my ek4 SiR

Bys Front bumper with carbon lip

Turbo kit

Mappable ecu (presume these use p30 ecu as well for mapping?)

Ek9 carpet (have some found jus have to pay for it

Rear disk conversion , SiR prop valve and 1' master cylinder or close to it

Good alarm with remote start

Turbo timer so the car can cool down and warm up before and after use.

Full Pollybush kit

Carbon bonnet (maybe a boot) :run:

Tinted windows and visor with special anodized windscreen

That should be it then hahaha :wtf2:
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Cant remember the last time i updated this so said id pop in ha.

I got a proper jap black bonnet off an ek4 SiR with all the jap stickers haha (im strange like that i like all the little things)

Got a Full Greddy turbo kit for it too and got windows tinted an visor put on.

Got my ek9 red carpet but i always throw oily tools and stuff on the floor as this is my work car and i eat in it, so i cant justify putting in the cleanest type r carpet iv ever seen into it haha.

I did my timing belt as well and serviced it, just to have it all fresh for the turbo kit.

I will be going low boost with a map on a p28 ecu that i will get mapped :)

I have a full set of SiR hubs front and back that will be put onto this along with proportion valve and master cylinder and handbreak cables so i will have way better brakes. Disks and pads are all brand new on the conversion and callipers are fresh.

I will probably get the car painted over time too.

Just have to get a bys front bumper and put in coilovers and get it sitting where i want it.

Also have new rainsports tyres to go onto it :)

I cant upload pictures so if someone wants to show me how that would be great :(
Don't use Photobucket Roy. Its gone to s**t for everyone. Only solution is to use another website, like Flickr or Imgur.
Use the upload a file button. Just below the text box to the left of the post reply button
Use the upload a file button. Just below the text box to the left of the post reply button

I tried that Jesse it didnt work it says all my files are too big no matter what fomat i tried them in il have to move to Flickr or whatever it is.

Thanks lads
I use an app that resizes my photos so that they work with the forum size limit.
Honestly i find that much easier than photobucket used to be.
Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 21.50.07.png

Bottom right, you have 5 options. The middle one is 'Share Photo'. Click into it and this menu comes up.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 21.50.30.png

Choose 'BBCode' and then your preferred image size. It'll spit out a link. Copy and paste that onto your thread and you're away.
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Bottom right, you have 5 options. The middle one is 'Share Photo'. Click into it and this menu comes up.

View attachment 37730

Choose 'BBCode' and then your preferred image size. It'll spit out a link. Copy and paste that onto your thread and you're away.

Sound Terry but it didnt work for me thats what i did bar the bb code an when i do that i dont have that option.

I Mite try what Jessy does but it just seems like too much hassle tbh im not bothered il try resize them on the computer as i hate doin **** through the phone it wrecks my head. haha
Now i shrank the files on the computer haha think it worked Lol. I can do it im just lazy and get very little time off so forgive my lack of effort. And thanks for all the help


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Few pics with one of the lads immaculate Type r. Got new rubber for the bitch too. I love this car i did 600kmh of hard driving off 50 euro petrol haha


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Cant make the pic out
Whats your spoiler mounted on is it standard spoiler or base plate
Did you make the brackets or buy them
My phone camera is wrecked lol.

Its a zeal replica spoiler thats been carbon dipped and mounted on a base plate with tilt brackets. Just for something different to the norm