1. EgSleeper

    97 Ek Hatch 99-00 Conversion *NEW COLOR Sage Grey*

    New to the community, trying to check out some other cars on the site & share some of my own as well… This is just the daily little single jingle, lowered on some eBay no name full coils (surprisingly rides pretty good) with some black Rota Slips Picked up the vehicle pretty beat up and fairly...
  2. E

    P9K vs. P72 ECU

    Hello I have 1999 EJ9 with b18c4 swap. I done the swap 5 years ago with JDM OBD1 P72 ECU. I remember that we added a knock sensor to the engine block (Stock B18C4 don’t have one) and the car was great, no issues for the last 5 years. 2 months ago I started the car and there was a cel pops up...
  3. nav_ee9

    Civic EE9 / EF Restoration Project

    After owning a few hondas in the past iv recently been enjoying my daily diesel Seat leon BTCC which ticks most of the boxes and to be honest i was out of the honda scene for a short while and wasnt planing on looking back! Untill one day a friend told me he knew someone who had a 'box' shaped...
  4. civicx3

    Old Honda and Mugen manuals

    Just randomly came across this facebook page where someone has scanned loads of old manuals including Mugen parts, honda access, detailed specs etc etc... Even tells you how they rust proofed the EF, i didnt think they bothered! :D Honda Civic EK, Ferio and Mugen parts...
  5. King Sir

    My Daily Ek (Project)

    Well i needed a car with tax an test an i regretted selling my last black ek. (Thread is on here somewhere) So i went out and found this little gem in my hometown. Even though i had never seen it before? Bought it for a steal with tax an nct shes a ej9 1.4 Very lively and healthy engine and...
  6. Ianeg89

    Old Eg Coupe owner

    Hi lads been a long time follower of ek9.org and finally decided to sign up. Former owner of an Eg Coupe and big honda fan. Just said I would say Hello and keep up the good work promoting the Honda scene.
  7. King Sir

    Eg6 Cage / x brace favour?

    Hi could someone with an eg6 cage or x brace take mesurments of it for me so i can get one welded up or would that be too much of an ask :secret: Yes i am cheeky haha. If anyone would do it id be very appreciative of it. :) Need to measure the joining bits where it bolts to the car the gaps...
  8. Tegs turds

    B18c cutting out?

    So my b18c dc2 dies if the car isn't warm. The car turns over and everything but as soon as it does the revs just drop and the car dies, only way I can get it to stay alive is if I sit on the gas for about 5minutes till the cars warm. Once it's warm it idles as it should coming to a stop or just...
  9. AlenSK

    Honda Civic EK3 from Macedonia.

    Hello, this is my Civic EK3 96' 1.5iLS VTEC. Project 2015 - 2016. New hood EK9 Style.
  10. Tegs turds

    B18c white smoke

    Hey there was wondering if anyone could help me as to why my b18c blows out white smoke on cross over to vtec. Has a new spoon ecu but isn't tuned, a few of my mates have said that'll be the cause for the smoke but want a few more opinions as to what it could be. Cheers
  11. R555 DUN

    My Milano Red EP3

    So took delivery of my EP3 today, car is A clean example apart from damage to the front bumper which happened taking off the back of the transporter :nono: I'll try get the full spec list... Fiberworx Lip Replica Mugen Grill ABP 30mm Springs Powerflow back box K&N Typhoon HID Lights Carbon...
  12. chesney

    B20vtec Pcv ?

    Can anyone one tell the best way to go about Pcv on a b20 vtec as b20 don't have one on the back of the block and has anyone worked around this ?
  13. slybuthigh

    B16 ignition timing, any thoughts?

    hey everyone! I have a jdm ek4 sir and it goes well. I recently checked the ignition timing and found it set to 10 btdc. Obviously they are set to 16+-2 btdc across the range as far as I'm aware. Any ways I set it to 16 btdc and feel it doesn't have the pull it used too. I know I can just put it...
  14. King Sir

    Who would make up stickers/Decals for me? Decals

    Want some decals/stickers made up an cant find anyone. Found one fella an hes too lazy to make em see he wont get back to a load a ppl either so hes just lazy Lol. Anyone want the challenge? Faily easy ones that i want made up :) Iv emailed sticker companies an didnt even get a reply.... Ffs
  15. titanvirs

    Ferio Vi-Rs Project

    Recently got a Civic Ferio Vi-Rs With no rust what so ever And Manual from the factory :woot: Now time to Start making it look nicer :ek9: Anyone reccomend anything would be great help :thanks: