My K24 Frank Turbo EK9

Nice setup bro, cant wait to see a video of this machine run

little update. got a new private plate and moved the car to my garage. Will be picking up my engine soon once its been put together by @Delanobuilt
New engine is back in.

- Same k20a2 complete head
- new used k24a3 bottom end
- new k20a2 oil pump
- new headgasket
- New coolant overflow bottle thanks to @wizardmanjmstock
- Bonnet is back on with aero catches.( fibreglass one broke when it smashed my windscreen back in march 2020)
also fitted oil pressure, oil temp, coolant temp gauges aswell just so i can see everything more accurately


Wont let me upload the original picture so i just screen shoted the computer screen
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2 new pictures since the cars been back on road with a new gearbox. Stripped 4th leaving reading jap meet back in october.
Cars been back on road for a month now.

Also fitted new gauges as my current ones all failed at the same time
Oil cooler and lines fitted aswell as i made brackets for the oil cooler, screenwash bottle and the catch can.

Abit of an update as i havnt done one in a while

March 2022 i fitted BYC Bonnet vents to try and keep temps down

Red done the powersteering line and cleaned up a load of bits. I did make lots of brackets for screenwash bottle, oil cooler and catch can

So after my track session at jdm combe. i noticed that alot of my bushes needed replacing. so i ordered all of them with new brackets etc,
so far i have only fitted the rears but will be doing the fronts over the weekend


I have more pictures to upload but its not allowing me for some reason so i will post them when the computer allows it
Not much of an update currently.
But since jdm combe 2022. the car started to play up.
I put my kpro into another ecu
TPS Had failed so ordered a new one.
I havnt driven the car properly since august 2022 as the car air fuel ratio is all over the place even when putting the exact tune back into the car.
Iv taken half the car apart to sort leaks and bushes and then once back together i will be taking it back to get retuned. Hopefully thats all it needs, maybe another sensor has failed aswell but i cant seem to find out why.
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