My VI-RS (17000km), Supercharged B finally mapped

Forgot to upload the pics of the ASR brace an F7 arms fitted

Still need to fit the Whiteline arb

Ignore the dust haha, she’s still mint underneath :)

Good idea you went with an ASR brace, I got the White Line ARB kit, the brace is not powder coated very well and just rusts.
Good idea you went with an ASR brace, I got the White Line ARB kit, the brace is not powder coated very well and just rusts.

Hopefully the ASR doesn't rust lol, then again its hardly on road haha
The ASR brace is made out from aluminium, it won't rust :p I had some small oxidation on mine , but it polished out great.
Hello beautiful, time to give it a good wash with 6 years of dust , then crack on with putting load of parts on :cool:




Can’t wait to get this back out, do we slap the super charger on or just enjoy it for now an get it on next year
Small update

Fitted few bits

New front Hardrace front camber arms

New Buddyclub extended ball joints

New K-Sport 6 pot neo chrome brakes on front with floating discs

New K-Sport twin pot neo chrome brakes on rear with floating discs

New oem wheel bearing all around

Same time ARP extended wheel studs all around

Neo Chrome MUTEKI SR48 extended open end wheel lug nuts

New Hell braided lines all around

New D1 rear toe/castor adjusters

New Buddyclub upper rear cambers

Pics to follow :)
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Next upgrade before the super charger is fitted will be getting done soon

ARP head bolts
New oem head gasket same time
Already have itr cam’s fitted so will be chucking some Buddyclub adjustable cam gears in

Full custom made 3” system including the manifold exit chopped from 2.5” to 3”

Moroso baffled sump, return feed for the Super charger

Spa design digital oil temp an oil pressure gauge

Spa design digital water an boost gauge

Aem air/fuel ratio gauge
Day lights after 7 years

In need of a good clean so ignore the dust an tape stuck on bumper, Wheels changed, bumper removed an loaded on truck, ready to get some work done, was the first one to rock the spoiler on my old ferio an since then helped few people fit it to theres , won’t see back ends like this anywhere :cool:


Been busy trying to get some of my cars done an on road, its been couple years they have just sat there doing nothing, so i got Sam to get some bits done for me, big up to @kdn_honda_works for getting me booked in a short notice, work done: ARP Head studs fitted, oem headgasket, head back on, 98 B18C camshafts and buddyclub cam gears, timing belt, valve clearance etc, he got the work done in 2 days in between his jobs which has saved me alot of time an even closer to getting the ferio on road, next stop full custom system which is booked in :)







Thats the exhaust date booked, full 3” system with the manifold exit modified from 2.5” to a 3” exit :), looking forward to getting this done :)
Fresh new rocker cover, front both torque mounts including the billet mounts that fit to the chassis, Whiteline 56mm arb fitted, its getting there slowly :)


Ignore the bumper gap as its just hanging on, but the rest looks :cool: