New Cl1 Accord EuroR

I heard these are really slow, is that true?

Theyre not really slow, theyre slightly different to the H22 found in the UK Type R.

I would say the UK Type R and these Euro R are not fast. For a sedan theyre adequate, although the engine does feel a little lazy compared to the B18's.

Also MPG aint the best, I would say the performance of the car in a straight line doesnt justify the MPG you pay. For a commuter its awful. For a spirited drive its expected though.
Well from my experience they arnt slow, its just they are so comfortable and refined you dont realizse the speed you are doing, my own one was the first car iv seen to easily reach the rev limiter in 5th as stock,
Awesome car. Looks great and very rare to see about. Hope to hear soon about some mods :). Just leave the car looking this way. Very clean ride