New R81 EG6 (update page 4) 03/05/23

So long story short, when replacing the crankshaft seal the car got a full revamp. I will just upload some pictures of where its at now.
The next job will be to do ignition timing, and full coolant / oil flush. I also need to get the suspension set up and book the car into a bodyshop to fit spoon replica front lip. The plan after that is just to drive it, I had a track day planned in July but doubt that will go ahead.

Unfortunately the quality of photos has deteriorated while uploading.

Very nice EG which are few and far between these days!

Presume you'd be taking her to Mondello?
Very nice EG which are few and far between these days!

Presume you'd be taking her to Mondello?
Thanks, ya I've booked the track day but can't make up my mind whether to track it or just park it up for the day and leave my brother take his s2000 on track instead. Are you going yourself?
trying to get this up to date over the lockdown. I've added some more pictures of small bits carried out recently and also some overlapping jobs from previous post.

I decided to paint the plastic trim on door/window panel.

painted exhaust heat shields and polished muffler

Cleaned down rear subframe, primed, spray painted and lacquered

New drivers driveshafts.
passenger photo taken before fitting

New solenoid seal
New Skunk seal

Rebuilt callipers

Gearbox opened/inspected and painted

Air intake manifold cleaned/painted

Cam cover painted wrinkle black. looks much better now than picture below.

also changed injector seals

Replaced seal on brake master cylinder. ( wrong seal ordered first time!)

Engine and Gearbox oils replaced along with coolant flush and brakes bled . new power steering fluid. new oil and fuel filter.

Push button start that i need to wire up.

standard seats and door cards in while I get my recaros and door cards sent to be professionally cleaned.

Replaced cyrstal style rear lights. (new light on left below)

some cleaner looking pics of car with both sets of alloys

Also some pics of new quick jack lift system, very happy with it so far.

I also went to a honda only track day just before the lock down. The quality of cars was great. I didn't track my car but I plan to next time we can go. I sat in with my brother in his S2000 instead. a few pictures I got on the day.
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Some more jobs done during the lockdown..

Valve stems replaced without removing the head using this handy tool and compressed air.


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Also tightened the steering rack using this tool from honda. I haven't driven the car yet but will be interesting to see if it makes any difference.
I also had some oil seeping from cooler o ring located behind oil filter so replaced it with a new seal.

I also ordered up a new PCV valve and o ring for the distributor at the same time.

also fitted a new cam cap o ring and dowel.

new gauges installed, just waiting on my moroso sump and t piece to connect sensors and finish wiring.


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This looks great

Can I ask where you got the lift from? Have been looking at some of them online
small updates

I've booked the car in for mapping in May with AP and also booked a trackday for mid may (hopefully it goes ahead).

Fitted new spark plugs and leads
Fitted tegiwa brake stopper
Also had a spare cam cover so decided to clean it down and redo the black wrinkle effect. Turned out much better than the cam cover I had in car. Some pictures attached.
few more small jobs to do but car is nearly complete in terms of modifying and just want to enjoy it now.


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Good work, car looks great! Some good preventative maintenance there too, how did you find the rack after adjustment?
Good work, car looks great! Some good preventative maintenance there too, how did you find the rack after adjustment?
Thanks man, I've only taken it for a short spin but can notice steering is a lot stiffer/tighter immediately. Its as if the power steering is somewhat subdued. I think there's more feel now as well so its definitely worth doing imo. Plus side is its literally a 5min job.
Few more jobs done today,
- Fitted 2x new torque mounts. I had tegiwa mounts but decided to change to hardrace.
- wiring finished on water temp, oil temp and oil pressure gauge. They have some nice features such as peak recall and warning light/alarm at desired level. Can also change colour of backing light. currently have white backing light at daytime and amber colour with parking lights on.
- fitted a 270mm convex broadway mirror. At the moment visibly is poor with the spoon mirrors vs oem. I might need to change back before the upcoming trackday.
-morosso baffled sump fitted
- blox fuel pressure gauge fitted


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Great Thread. what was the Process/ chemicals used for prep/ painting the plastic trim on door/window panel. i need to do that job on one of mine.
Small update
Took the car to AP to get it remapped. He spent a nice bit of time on it and fixed some other small issues aswell so overall very happy . It made 182hp and torque is approx 110FtLb

Only got to take it for a short spin when I got it home but much smoother power delivery and torque also has improved. Really looking forward to getting to drive this more often.
Its booked in for alignment on Saturday so nearly there.


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Completed my first track day yesterday with Hiro racing . Car went really well and I cant wait to get it back out again. Nice to see some very impressive builds here in Ireland.


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