New R81 EG6 (update page 4) 03/05/23


ej9, eg6 , ep3
Jan 15, 2011
purchased this minter last weekend :dance:
she's 99% rust free and has a nice spec also , over the moon with it, nice step up from my ej9 :p
B18 inlet manifold with inside bored out with skunk throttle body and k20 fuel rail and injectors all done by Keith McMullen.
Type r head skimmed ported polished and valves re-seated. Honda rings.
4:9 final drive s80 box.
Lightened flywheel stage 2 clutch.
Skunk manifold back into a mugen twin loop.
Load more done just can't think.
anyway pics :



and my other civic :
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epic looking eg mate. looks very clean!!! great to see there is still gems out there!!!

them wheels though!!! do this car no favors at all!!! just my 2pence !!

all the best with it bud!!
thanks lads, ya the wheels are only on it for the moment, would love some black sw388's
well i put these alloys i had lying around on , i think they suit it allot better... need a clean !!

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Woaafft. Verry nice man. 100 times better on the 96 specs like. :)
nice, very clean :nice:

is it a VTI or converted LSI etc... ?
Thanks for the comments lad , i will fire up interior pics hopefully after the weekend,, at the moment i have a few bits taken off,