New User from Devon...


Project has begun...
Apr 25, 2012
Hello All

New to the forum and currently in the process of shopping for an EK9 hopefully in the next 3 months... This will be my first Honda and I know it will be a great first choice.

So I am definitely in the right place for advice and support with this future project.

Cheers :)):nice:
Welcome along mate :nice: place to be lol everyones wicked on here, good luck with finding a ek9 mate :)
Thanks all... :nice:

Looked at an EK9 today at Torque GT... Very nice... Going to shop around though... :)
Thanks All. Looking at an EK9 at Torque GT again on Saturday... so maybe soon.

Domek4 - Thanks for the message but currently cant PM you back as need to get my post count up. Sorry.
Good luck in hunt 4 the 9...
Ben.Parker €K9
another devon user :D

welcome!! is it the championship white one with the integer 98spec wheels ?? i also test drove that, lovely car :D
Yep, it is the CW EK9 with gun metal grey DC2 98 Integra wheels. Picked it up at 3pm today and love it... What a brilliant little car. So glad I chose an EK9 now...

A summer meet will be cool....