Official EK4 - EK9 Comparison

No way in the world does an EK4 weigh 1260Kg.
I've seen weights quoted between 1100Kg and 1150kg. I guess you'll get variations depending on whether or not it's an AC model or whether it's the post 1999 version. But 1260Kg - no way. I'd imagine that's probably the figure for an MB6.
I have always gone off 1160kg for my sunroofed AC 1996 EK4. At 1100kg it would mean they only made a 10kg weight saving on the EK9, which I'm sure isn't right!
Hey guys

Correct me if im wrong but is the ek9 not the fastest 0-60 FF production car in the world.
im sure this is correct.

ive never seen this thread until now, good simple write up ian covering basics

uk e4 and ek9 and very different in terms of performance, handling, braking, car feel and looks both interior and exterior wise

i own a 4 and have had a 9 and taken both apart, tonnes of little differences which add up to a huge difference, quite a lot not mentioned here as well

got more exact info about this? What has not been mentioned here that you noticed?
Good write up dude! Are there many differences between the UK spec EK4 VTi and the JDM EK4 SiR? Just read in one reply a difference in power output, what else is different?