Opinions on the new headlights for my 9


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May 26, 2012


I'd rather standard lights. But you mod a car for what you like, no
One else :)
:eew: what was wrong with the originals?
Originals were broken, couldn't adjust the aim of the dipped beams, I plan to get another pair of oem ones once I have the money as a decent pair seem to be fairly pricey, not sure if I looked everywhere I could but at the time I did I didn't see any pre facelift ones for a price I was willing to pay. How much should I expect to pay for oem headlights?
no. but end of the day, your money. your car.

for oem ones they should be at least £180 for the pair. good luck in finding one
Buy the OEM ones! :D please! :D
It's just a temp fix until I find a pair of originals

you would have been better spending £30 on a set of normal oem 96-98 headlights from the scrapyard or likes.

Those angel/**** lights just make the 9 look cheap.

Hope you find set of ek9 lights :nice:
Omg please take them off or buy a Ek/ej9 were you can get away with them, have a set of mint oem headlights forsale if intrested pm me lol