R1PPU's EJ9 Build Up


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Jan 1, 2011
Hi there, been a member of teh forum for a while not really posted much though. Here's my build up :nice:
Well i bought the car last june off my brothers freind, this was how it looked as soon as we got it home




Only thing that was wrong with it was that the front lip was cracked and a little ding in the back bumper. Here's the crack in the lip

Now me having no money and having a bit of free time, i thought i'd fix it myself. Went pretty well i think :)
Crack sanded down and glued together.

Then i sanded the whole thing, thought i'd just repaint it to save me the bother of colour matching. Here's what it looked like once i'd test fitted it.

And painted:

Smooooooooooooooth :)

Painted the rear recess too, looks sooooo much better.

Then i passed my test on tuesday the 21st of november :headbang: Got the tax and everything sorted out by the thursday and drove it happilly...for 3 days. That sunday was the day the snow started :-x



Ah well, front lip came off so as not to wreck it in the shitty weather, and my car got filthy from being driven in the snow haha. Also got my private plate put onto the car, my names Rippu btw :p

Wheels could do with a wash i think....

Then on hogmany, some ****er hit my car :angry: Left it parked outside my mates house, came back in the morning to see this, fantastic. No note was left. They scraped the door and bumpstrip, and completely ****ed up the mirror.

And while that had happened, i realised someone had stood on the lip where it was being kept in my shed, and taken a big chunk out of it :sad:


The crack had split again too

So i got back to the sanding, and plastic welded that section back in using plastic weld. Then fiberglassed the back again and filled the front again

Filler sanded down


Then it started raining, so i went into my indoor spray booth *cough* shed *cough*

Door fixed and resprayed, and here's a pic of how it stands now :)

Let me know what you think :)
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Nice work, it's always fun to have to keep fighting invisible paint and lip ruining elves. They like to attack when you're sleeping, especially if you're parked in the street.
nice ej mate, not much luck with that lip though :(( lol, hopefully thats it now and you wont have to do it a 3rd time :D

See it in the flesh on sunday hopefully :nice:
Nice lil ej you have there what plans do you have for it in the future bud??
nice looking car mate :) as said u havent had a great deal of luck with that lip lol whats next for her?
Lovely ej9 man! well done for doing all the work yourself and getting it back into shape! some wankers these days eh just dont care about anything!
Dino-Thanks, yeah, if i ever find these elves, i'll happily behead them :) haha.

Gav- Yeah i know, i couldnt be bothered respraying the full thing the second time, cause the rest of the paint was still so fresh. But i really dont wanna have to fix it again haha. Yeah definately dude, i'll see you there :D

Dan- Thanks :) Future plans are pretty limited tbh, i just passed my test in november, so as you can imagine, my insurance is really bad, so most of my money is being saved for that. That being said, i'im getting a set of wind deflectors on sunday at the meet :p Colour coding will be happening in june after my exams, just doing that myself. Then clear side repeaters, and maybe a sub. Then wheels, but that wont be for a long time yet....

Cheers chrispyology :eek:

Jordon101- Cheers man, appreciate it :) Plans are just above :)

Jimbo- Thanks, no updates as of yet, updates will take a while, got no monies :( haha

Rambo- Thanks man, the way i see it is that there's no point paying someone else to fix it if i can haha. I know, i was so pissed off, really wish i had just parked on my mates driveway now :angry2:
Here's a pic from the meet on sunday night that i really like

Should have some small updates soon :)
Well no updates as such....got an oem strut brace which doesnt fit, so im getting rid of that haha. My backbox decided to die, so got a new one made up, its so shinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

And gave the car a good clean the other day, here's a pic, i'll chuck some more up later
...nice work and progress. what wheels are you planning on? 15s? Yes?
...nice work and progress. what wheels are you planning on? 15s? Yes?

Thanks, im quite liking slips at the moment. In the matt black, i think they go great with vsm, and yep, 15s :)

And cheers kammy, let me know if your ever down in edinburgh, would be good to shoot some pics :)
Not really much to update....Got a new addition


Then had my last day of school last week and my mates decided to piss about with my car....



Thought it was hilarious so i left it on haha. Then one of my mates silly stringed the car, not got any pics because a teacher told me it was starting to bake onto the car, so i got it all off as quick as possible to avoid any paint damage. Got out of physics though, so wasn't too bad. Then, within about 10 minutes of washing the car to get the silly string off, i came back out to the car and some ****er had poured flour all over my car. It was still wet, and started to congeal which i was pretty pissed off about, but then i realised that the bastards had taken my front plate off, and it is now cracked :censored: :censored: . No pics of this either. One of the janitors helped me wash the car, and it got me out of computing, but the flour and taking the plate off was too far imo. Ah well, no more school EVER!!!!!!!

Oh, and i got my mate back that silly stringed my car....

Then at the work car park, i scraped my lip off a curb. FOR **** SAKE!!!

Oh, and i had to go into Sainsbury's quickly the other day....couldn't really be bothered parking properly....so....

I was only parked there for 2 mins haha.

C+C apreciated as always. If a mod could move this thread to the build up section, that would be appreciated :nice:
moved ;)

had a hell of a day by the sounds of it mate :(

at least no more school for you though :win:
moved ;)

had a hell of a day by the sounds of it mate :(

at least no more school for you though :win:

Cheers dude :nice:

Yeah, it was an ok day, i just wish they'd left the car out of it, it took aaaaaages to clean haha. And then there was the part where i chucked a bucket of water over one of my mates....that was fun ;)

Yep, no school is awesome!! Cant wait til exams are over, the cars getting some well deserved TLC :p
Met up with a mate today, thought the cars looked good so i took a quick pic

Nice civic, that lip is really causing trouble! :p Last snap looks sweet! :)