Red Bride Zeta II Seats & Rails


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Jan 14, 2009
K20A EK9 & FK8
Item for sale: Pair of Red Bride Zeta II Seats & Rails
Price: SOLD
Paypal: No, Cash on collection
Location: Oxford
Condition: 8/10
Description: I have had these for just over a year, Bought them from Dunx. Great seats as they really hold you in. The are the Type-s so if you are anymore than a 34 waist you propbably will not fit. The seats come on rails to fit straight in to an EK. They have got a couple of marks on them but nothing serious.

This is the Bride badge to confurm it genuine

These are pictures of the only two inperfections on the seats, they are both on the passanger seat as it was the drivers seat in the EK9 they came out of

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If you had a buyer for both , how much would you be after for the seat on its own?
They are 100% genuine. I did a lot of research before I bought them. They didn't make copies of thes seats as these seats are too early
They have got a holographic logo riveted to the side of the seat
I will take more pictures including the logo
What do you mean by split?

Seats from the rails or sell the seats individuly
DAMN, Takate seatbelts are not alowed in Switzerland -.- Just the normal Seatbelt alowed. All the other stuff is ilegal :( i hate the Law!! haha