Update on H-swap EK

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Jun 13, 2018
JDM H22A Swap EK Civic
Hey guys,

So i've showing some photos of the EK.

Have hit a stub at the moment, dash harness is complete junk and rust is happening below my windshield :(
but have a guy gonna sort that out for me and as for the harness, any suggestions, im open to any ideas or help.



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So guys been a while since i've post up of the car so let me bring you up to speed :D


Trade a friend my carbon fiber ducklip for his typeR spoiler...i'm liking it
Back bumper should be already on island since it came in a container, other parts are however are in miami and waiting to be flewn in once the broker I happen to go through opens office next week and these goodies are:
• Skunk2 TB gasket
• Obd2A to obd1 jumper
• Gauge pod for the AEM & defi gauges
• Front lip
• Upper strut bar
• Silicone Radiator hose
• Radiator mount
• 750cc injectors
• Back bumper lip
• Carbon fiber shift boot
• Spoon sport socks

So right now i'm speaking to a body man to get the rust eliminated and sprayed over as well get my recaros rewrapped which a guy is charging me $410 on each seat which ik they need work so it's a pretty decent price in my pov.

My agenda this month is to get all 3 brand new tires, spray the rims over, put on the new wheels and get the tires balance and rotated.

My friend who also have a H-Swapped EK is building me a harness so that will be ready when he's back on island (skip to 3:28 for the view of his car) Here it is

Here's a shot of the tire i'm using as well (205/45zR16)

Question 1: which is a good security system I can install in Venom?

Question 2: CZR Racing High Flow Fuel Filter, has anyone use this product before? Cause i seen that it's washable and looks pretty neat to have
Hey guys,

Quick update,

Harness is in, fuel tank drop cause i'm cleaning it out before i put in the new fuel pump.

Dash harness is here but havent gotten around to it as yet so weekend I will be installing it once i've pull the dash and sort out that snake twist of a wires mess i have going on.

I havent install back bumper nor front lip and foglights at the very moment.



Inside the messy command centre:megusta:

Thats all for now, will post more when gotten the chance.
Hey guys,

On todays update episode we have the following right now.

• Vinegar soaking in fuel tank

So i've received the last of my parts for the car, those are the following:

CZR washable fuel filter
VMS spark plug wires
New fuel pump neck
Radiator overflow bottle and mount
New Shenkenyo LED bulbs for the headlights

Photos here below of the fuel tank cleansing that i started yesterday (euroR is back) will give update on that later

No fuse and very dusty

Tank cleansing is a go!

Yeeeaaahhhhhh, thats how my fuel tank look right now on the inside :confused:



:yuno:Begone black tint looking thing! (I vacuumed it out)

It's soak time!

Ayyeee new fuses:))

So as of right now, the fuel tank and gas meter reader are both soaking in vinegar loosening up that dirty fuel build up gunk; which when wednesday since my vacation officially starts, I will be flushing it out and probably repeat the process again upside down and proceed to connect the lines back up and etc.

Defi gauges have arrived miami, they should be here end of this week and paint booth to start the bodywork. Thats all for now


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So guys, cleaned out the fuel tank as much as I could, think i did a pretty decent job at it.

So i've got all the fuses, fuel tank is not on as yet but did crank it over and all is well, security system is out so i need to find a new one to put in and LED bulbs are working


Finding a intake pipe is gonna be hard, may have to fabricate something.

Fuel pump is prepped and ready to put in once the fuel tank is back in

Annndddddddd my Defi Gauges are here:nerv::))

Downfall, my jumper hasnt arrived for the hondata as yet unfortunately but more update to come later on.

Take care.
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Now gents the bad news is that the rims havent got sprayed yet and my tires are held up in states side cause of whole global pandemic happening, however i did manage to get a Bride racing seat for the time being until i get my recaros restitch and my seat rails....here's the part thats gonna make you feel it in your emotions for me...the rails are coming from australia:alone:

Its not in the best condition but for $100 bucks for that? Im content lol