What would you call this part?


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Apr 21, 2021
Honda Civic EJ9
Owning the MG ZR was pretty simple compared to all this and I didn't even ever look into VW stuff (got a Polo rn).. but the web that Honda parts weave is crazy. In an interesting way.
MG would have been simple because it was pretty small scale so didn't really go world wide. I know that there will always be differences between cars for EU, US and Japanese market and it's fun finding out how many differences there are in 'the same car', haha.
Here it's amusing how, so many parts will fit across the different Honda cars, but then there are so many small differences too. As if there were two teams. One to make life easier and have more universal parts and then a second to try and fight that (I know it's not that bad as even the different ones can work or be lightly modified to work).
Maybe I just find pointless things interesting, I dunno.