wont give me 4 years NCB


Nov 6, 2009
insurance company say they cant give me my 4 years no claims bonus because there was a 5 day gap between changing insurance companys ? surely this cant be true :angry2:
I was under the impression you have up to 2 years subside. I took out a policy recently and that was one of the criteria's
i had 4 years NCB with one insurance company , never renewed it at the end of the 4th year , changed companies and now they told me they cant give me the other 4 years because of this gap after been one year with them , so i should really have 5 years , still waitin for answers , seem pretty stupid
If you have 4 years NCB, you have 4 years NCB, simple as that, you lose it after 2 years.
all sorted lads , insurance companys had to sort it out between themselves and at the end of all the bantering , they reinstated my 5 YEARS NCB ,, HAPPY DRIVING ;) ;) BOOM
well done mate - was reading this and thought it was a total DISGRACE! glad you sorted it :)