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    First swiss ek9 and modding story

    anytips on how to remove that center console lol?
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    Rob's EK9 Progress

    nice:beer: how does the clutch feel now after swopping out the old the master cyclinder parts?
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    oem under bonnet stickers
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    EJ9 to EK9 Build

    5lug next :bow:
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    Trailing Arm Bushing Thoughts

    found this on another site:
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    Hi guys So ive had this annoying problem with my civic. Its always been pulling to the right. A few months ago i changed Upper&lower balljoints, rackends and tierods. After doing all this i drove straight to the garage to get my alignment done. On the way their the car drove STRAIGHT. The only...
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    davis94's Lightning Silver EJ9 Build

    awesome. can u perhaps post the partnumber of the gates powersteering and alternator belt?
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    Abs removal

    would removing the ABS fuse stimulate the same effect as removing the whole ABS system?
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    Fantasy Football 9q95al

    i just joined. even tho im from south africa :lol:
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    ARB Droplinks

    Hey Guys I recently noticed my Rear ARB droplinks are hitting my exhaust. If i remember correctly, front droplinks are shorter than rear ones? Could i maybe fit the shorter fronts on the rear? Or do i have to rerroute my exhaust :thanks:
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    Justin's ek9 build up / rebuild

    nice. why not just go with ARP rodblots?
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    GMB waterpump vs OEM

    i know of many people using GMB on their builds without any issues
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    Idle Problem... (I know)

    Check ur plugs:)
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    The importance of distributor timing

    i was always under the impression that u can advance the timing a few degrees for abit of extra performance. i know many people who prepare for the dragstrip by throwing in some higher octane fuel and advance the timing abit.
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    Correct Oil Filter?

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated:nice: