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  • Hey, you're right! They are proportioned different internally, rear disc models need more fluid to the rear as the pistons are larger than on the rear drum models obviously. My 2 prop valves looked identical though, one being 6 port for non abs then my old one being 4 port
    Find your self a non abs prop valve from an eg that had 4 wheel disc. This will solve your problem. Its a 40/40 valve and will give you the required pressure to the back discs. Right now because you upgraded the front caliper size and put rear discs on your getting all the pressure at the front and not much to the rear. Drumb brakes don't take as much pressure to work and disc's do thats why the pedel will feel soft.

    Hope that helps.
    Hi. I got the prop valve from a non abs jdm ek4 sir... Don't know what spec the US si are but if it has rear discs and 6port prop valve rather than 4port which abs ek's seem to have then it should work. I also swapped in a 15/16 brake master cylinder...
    I have decided to stop advising people on braking info as it seems different Countries may be using different prop vavles, For myself i live in USA, my OEM prop valve on my 96 hatchback is the same as the EM1 prop valve, i have EM1 size discs front and rear now (previously had the small disc/rear drum) so in short i never had to upgrade mine, best of luck.
    Hi mate, My brakes were a little spongy I think it may have something to do with master cylinder, I'm trying to find and ek9 non abs master cylinder at the mo but I think it might be a dealer job lol

    I don't think you need to change the proportioning valve all that does is split what end of the car has more braking,

    If you get a bigger m/c your going to be pushing more fluid through so the pedal shouldn't be so spoungy then

    see how you get on and let me know :)

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