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  • Can you contact me ASAP please. Please include an email address when you do please. Think RVM spoke to you. Thanks
    My address is dangan, tuam, co. galway ireland, will you do up the price and i will pay the deposit, also how will i pay you for it, paypal?
    Hello there, Can you send the conrods and pistons to ireland? how will i pay you for them and how much of a deposet do you want? thanks, Damien Boyle
    what up mae, just to give you a heads up user loookgood is going crazy just to get a post count... check him out!
    hey mate, i'm new over here. i got some spoon sports sock for water reservoir that i would like to let go. is it possible to post in the classifieds?
    Hi there, nice to meet you ;)
    I like the spoon theme very much and a great fan of your spoon'ed ek9!
    However, I do have a question to ask.. wish you can listen!
    I have came across most of the threads and i've found out that you've changed your springs with uprated stiffness on your D2 coilovers.. I ordered mine but i didn't get to choose the spring rates, are the rates written on the springs? (There're some letter and numbers in white on the springs but i don't know what they mean, I've post my pics in "d2 coilovers" thread, do hope that you can refer to it for more details!) I'm curious to know because might plan to get uprated springs.
    Can you please kindly guide me?
    I swear i saw your car on the M27 yesterday, just after 5ish, i must say its looking very tidy!
    I dont see why my thread was deleted, i can upload the pics i tried loads of diffrent things and i put the sale in the correct way??????????????????????????????????
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