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    Dc2 / ek9 parts

    still available :nice:
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    Dc2 / ek9 parts

    updated original post
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    Dc2 / ek9 parts

    calipers are sold
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    Advise needed, VW Bora TDI any good?

    One of the best cars that I have ever owned, do it it would sell for 2500 all day long
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    Dc2 / ek9 parts

    For sale, postage on small bits but collection for larger items. Based in Exeter, willing to travel :-) Parts all from my brother joes ITR DC2 Willwood midilite set up, complete with 3 sets of pads, 1 set of good ferodo ds2500 pads 1 set of warn ferodo ds2500 pads 1 set of hawk race...
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    Selling up.........

    7 k is a bargain for this, having done a k20 conversion ina dc2 years ago i know how much these things cost,,
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    Selling up.........

    been here myself a year ago mate,, drive an Audi A4 1.8T 190 quattro now, and i love it, still manage the ring trips too, not as raw as the old EK9 but allot more usefull to me....
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    Wanted urgently type injectors

    All sorted thAnkyou
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    Wanted urgently type injectors

    Wanted urgently dc2 integra or ek9 injectors preferably from somewhere in the south west damaged one and have a trackday on Friday
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    ek4 rally car

    looks damn good
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    Throttle Body Tapering

    fantastic job
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    ek9 brake upgrade kits

    they are amazing, we have a kit on my brotehrs DC2, if i still had my ek9 i'd be buying a set,, we tested teham at teh nurburgring with ferdodo ds2500 pads and tehy were faultless,, Amazing brake kit, and even more amazing for the price!!
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    Indetifying Spoon ECU

    YES you need a PCT ecu,, i wouldnt risk running the wrong ecu in your car, you have a brilliant engine, would be a shame to ruin it if this ecu caused it to underfuel or pre ignite for instance.....
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    Scroth Rallye 3 ASM Silver 3 point Harnesses

    anyone want some nice harnesses>