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  • hey im new to this whole thing, i just got a 92 hatch w/a GSR motor with a Brand New trype R tranny, and the thing drove great for 4 hrs strong pulling hard and cherpin in 3rd gear, and now it wont start. The lights come on and but when I press the clutch the battery volts drop and the radio shuts off. The motor doesnt even try to turn ova. have any clues? ples email at lapinoy_pride@yahoo.com it will go str* to the black berry, thanks
    Jamo, yes I have more, no problem, send me your name and complete address by pm.
    Hello RVM! You have sent me a sticker befor but sadly crashed my civic and got a new one now and was wounring if u still do stickers if so give me a shout please thanks :)
    Headers DYNO Results !! On stock Integra Type R engine

    1. Is there any hp different between 4-2-1 and 4-1? Is the HP increase?
    2. Is the HP in Integra forum refering to whp or just hp?
    @SicklyPilot you now have your donator tag, thank you for your support :D
    hey mate i dnt mind postin my car in projects section i think i was a bit drunk wen i did that
    so can u move it into members rides plz?
    J4M3R EK9,

    Yes you can, please send me your name and complete address by private message.thanks!
    Hi mate, could you put a donator logo by my username? Thanks I sent some money through recently.


    Ben (HornetSting)
    mugen rr, thank you for your message, I don't consider myself a pro, but I can suggest you a good header depending on your budget and where are you located, let me know this so I can give you a better suggestion, also I do recommend you to post a thread in the exhaust / intake forum so you can get different recommendations! :D
    hi, how are you do you remember me asking you about the ecu wiring loom well its ready with aem v2, cataliser removed and a remap it made 210bhp to the flywheel now im thinking of buying a header i was going to buy a weapon r racing manifold but they told me to fit it to the cari t has to be without ac and that will be impossible what do you suggest as a pro you are for my b16b something that matches with my removed catalic converter for max flow 10x mate
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