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  • @LukeMat, please send me by private message, your name and complete address :D
    Got my sticker today aswell, cheers rvm! I'll put some pictures up in the forum with it on soon.
    Matt, can you sent me a pm with all the information, email, etc! So I can help your mate :)
    hi rvm, didnt know who to message about this. but my mate has just got a civic and wants to sign up but one of his mates used his email to troll on here and has a permanent ban so now he cant sign up. is there anyway the ban could get lifted?
    iirc the name was Fgthole
    @Jamo.EJ9 please send me your name and complete address by private message so I can send you a white sticker for free :)
    @pieromarr please send me your address by pm so I can check with the postal office :)
    Hi, rvm-san
    I think that your behavior as sharing information worldwide about civic
    is very nice. I hope to help you only even a little.
    My good field is a suspension relation.
    Alright mate just another one asking about the stickers have to pay or how it work thanks :)
    markp, yes I can send you 1 white one for free, please send me your name and complete address by a private message, thanks!
    Hi RVM i`m told your the man I have to speak to about ek9.ork decals , Is it possible for me to purchase one or two , Just bought my ek9 today , thanks .
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