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    Black EK9 Turbo

    Sorry i couldnt spot the price in Ad. Offers in what region are you after? You can PM me if you like. Many thanks.
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    Black Recaros wanted

    Black reclining recaros wanted please. DC2 / DC5 etc. All considered and willing to travel for the right set of seats. Please PM me if you have anything. Many thanks Tuf
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    MFactory Magnetic Drain Plugs

    Have these for the ep3 k20a2 civic? if so how much?
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    K20 costing and requirements

    K20's are pretty epic, the power even though it maybe lower than some other different engines and cars out tthere, the ep3 sometimes is quicker, adn deffinately alot of fun. I have an ep3 CTR now on 96k, still drives like a beauty. Wouldnt mind using it as a donor for a kswap.
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    mopped and polished my ek9!

    i really cant stop looking at pics of your ek9!! so tastefully modded imo.
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    K20 costing and requirements

    That ebay link above has ekk2 mounts, ITR DC2 subframe, ITR steering rack, Anti roll bar, EG suspension knuckels too which is needed.
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    K20 costing and requirements

    This is what you need matey, if no ebay links allowed please feel free to remove link mods :-) - EK k20 Kswap Mounts EKK2 Integra Type-R subframe and More | eBay
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    Civic hatch ej9

    Any more updates on this?
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    Civic hatch ej9

    gets better and better
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    tubular manifolds (cracking)

    ^^ what was the cause of that? What make was the manifold? Poor welds/poor quality steel?
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    :)) made me grin ear to ear lol!!
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    Oil problem, turbo.

    TDi has been in the game for a while, and im sure they know what they are doing and what would be suitable for your engine. If its what they have recommended, id go with that. Stick with fully synthetic. 10w 40 sounds good, 5w40 or 5w 30 should be spot on aswell. Dont skimp out on oil...
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    Inlet mani cracking happens on JRSC for ep3's aswell, so not rare atall and not surprised to see. I think its a fantastic price and will be snapped up in no time, get it on ebay.
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    Pcv valve turbo setup

    How much power will you be running?
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    My car pics as i was asked by a few members

    Personally prefer the look of the car in the opening posts.