1. ellb123

    Elliott's B20 Vtec EK build

    Hi all, first post on here, i used to use civic life quite abit and I'm abit wounded i lost all my old build thread on there, i use this site quite a lot and see its still very active, so i thought its about time i actually posted and started a new build thread. So the story so far... Ive...
  2. King Sir

    D series questions

    Been a b series head for years but iv ventured into the wonderful world of d series. (probably think im goin backwards but i like em) I want to turbo my d series and i have the standard eco tec box on it at the mo with the long ratios. I have a short ratio box off a d14 at home i was...
  3. Ek3honda

    Engine bay detailing

    Hi guys, New to the forum, been watching different builds on this but decided to join today. I have an ek3 civic in white and I was just wondering if anyone may know a paint code for the colour in this picture (the blue/green colour in engine bay) I plan to do something like photo to mine ...
  4. AlenSK

    Honda Civic EK3 from Macedonia.

    Hello, this is my Civic EK3 96' 1.5iLS VTEC. Project 2015 - 2016. New hood EK9 Style.
  5. JamieVtec12

    Random Red button in ek

    Hello all I am just wondering if anyone has any information about this red button? It sits just to the right hand if the steering wheel next to the launch control button for the Omex rev limiter.. I will take photos tomorow. Cheers
  6. AlbertEK

    My Civic EK3, from spain

    Hello everyone! My name is Albert and I own a '00 Honda Civic EK3. I bought it completeky stock this last summer and I'm working on it. My plan is to one day swap to B-Series. Here are some photos and all of the features I have right now. My preferences for the future will be on improving the...