Chi's K20 Build Completed.. Pic Heavy!

very nice build dude

if i was to do another kswap it would have to be a phoenix yellow k24 dc2 lol

could have at least got some new reg plates made up after the respray :p

I am sooooooo glad i found another set of SPA's after selling you those, best seats! i also get comments on how tight they are :lol:
What power did this car make after how did manifold perform for you
its made 247bhp, that was at tdi north.
a friend with same mods running hybrid racing manifold made 252bhp, same dyno, same day.
Love builds like this!
Nice gauge pod, where did you get it from mate? Been looking for one for my DC2
that manifold is beautiful
I want one

car is also a work of art
shame on the little things that went wrong, I say little.