Civic Jordan 258 rebuild

Man I cant believe what you've been through! I hope this is the one mate. Car looks great and awesome details!
Thanks, i sure hope so too!

Been far too long without this running for a job that should have only been a few months long. Cant complain though as I have found no end of cool and rare parts for the car during the time and even made some custom ones myself!
So dyno went well :dance:

The car was actually too powerful for the dyno. Dyno was only rated to 400bhp.

Runs went well, but kept slipping on the rollers and jumping off them when coming on boost. Managed to get the runs in eventually though.

Made 396.6 at the fly at 13psi and only revving to 6750rpm. ran it at 9psi and made about 320 at the fly, so given theres plenty of boost left to add (limited at 20.8psi) the car has a lot more potential.

Only issues we had when mapping were 2 boost lines connected wrong way around, some boost hose that collapsed and small oil leak that was easily solved. Car is now just having boost hoses swapped for reinforced ones and then will be picking it up just in time to get on the stand for JDM Combe - just have a load of mods to add to it once im home from that now!

Steve, who mapped it, from Tipton Garage in Tipton St. John, did an excellent job mapping and was always wanting to get both myself and Jack from JDMRegiment involved and teach us the process. He has some awesome cars there too, Delta Intergrale, Escort hill climb spec, Elise, split screen VW panel van and a few evos. Steve said the car felt awesome and was really complementary of it, which was lovely to hear. He reckons at the rev limiter the car would be a 450bhp car on the current map. Tbh I dont want more than that due to traction issues, but I will run it for a bit and then take it to a hub dyno that can handle the power to see what it is actually running at present.

Enjoy some photos, couldnt figure how to add video on here

So collection was dope Friday and first show at JDM Combe Saturday. Was great to finally put faces to forum names for so many of you who have supported me through this build.

Couldnt be happier with the car, even if there are a few small bits that need sorting still.

Already removed the rear seats and got the flat floor @mitchj93 sold me installed, makes the cabin look much nicer imo
Quick upate on the car

Brake lights arent working, cause seems to be a short between the 15A stop fuse in bay and the brake light switch - probably from where the loom got folded for painting the bay

Interior coolant temp gauage stopped working - easy fix, the cable had vibrated off

Boost gauage isnt getting boost readings but still lights up and does the intitalisation sweep - Suspect the hose collapsed when on the dyno and hitting overboost limit. Going to have a look when I cba to lay in awkward positions in the footwell again

Think I have a high level brake light connector (body side) sourced, so once that arrives I'll solder the wires on and get the mugen wing installed. Hopefully the brake lights are sorted by then!
Boost gauge now seems to be sorted, turns out it was plumbed into the wrong line.

It came back from JDM Regt. with the boost gauge plumbed into the vacuum canister exit line which from what the gauge said, never sees any vacuum or boost. So rather simple fix tbh
So brake lights now working means the car is fully sorted.

Got the mugen wing installed too - will put some photos up here once back at work and at a PC
Had a quick photoshoot with a local photographer last night. Local lad from my home village who happened to still be at school back when I first messaged him about a shoot, but now his skills have come along a fair bit and hes out of school. Been a long 3 year wait for the shoot but hey ho, heres some of the results. Be posting more of them on my IG

So did the oil change after the running in period the other day, all went well.

Going to be sorting the alignment next weekend and then give her a full once over on the lift before she gets put away for winter.

Hoping my BYS bumper might be done in paint sometime soon, been waiting months for it now, but they did say it had a few issues where the thing had been painted over without letting the previous layer dry properly. As such they have stripped it back to bare material and re painted
Alignment went as bad as I could have imagined, all the front end parts were ceased. New parts now sourced and sorting out as soon as I can get on the machine again. Rear was fine though.

Bumper has been through a mission, its been blasted and re coated. Still waiting to hear back from them. Was hoping to have it in time for the JPS/Mimms end of year show but its looking doubtful now - oh well. Should certainly have it for next years season.

Having issues with the rev gauge dropping out intermittently. This is certainly not the usual tighten the bolt and it works issue due to the VAG lost spark setup I am running. I need to check all the wiring incase there is a short but failing that its probably a new distributor - luckily I got a spare with the car so will try changing it over and check first to save the pain of checking the whole loom
So here are the bumper repair photos, safe to say it was in a bit of a sorry state. Previous owner said it kept cracking and had isues with it, so assuming he didnt know the extent of what was wrong underneath given it was at the first few coats the issues lay

Bumper now its looking good all painted. I've sourced some black mesh and fitted that and put the bumper on the car along with a replacement number plate as I had a couple scratches on it from where my old man opened a garage door onto the plate :angry2:

I then got me a flush mount kit for the rocker cover and some dress up bolts for my coilover bolts as these were looking rather dated

Not sure these images will display as had issues uploading them to the site, but heres some shots from the Mimms christmas meet. Got some of my Jordan goodies out and put them in the rear of the car on display. Was great to talk to loads of people and was please so many people found the car cool - nice to have people share the enjoyment I get from the car