EK9 Civic Type R Must Have Videos

First post. Have fun with rare BM footages.

EK9 (pre-lift and current), dc2, fd2 review
YouTube - ?????????????????????HONDA???R

EK9 vs. DC2 vs. DC5
YouTube - DC2?DC5???R?EK9????R????R3??????

EK9 review by Gan-San (MUST WATCH!)
YouTube - EK9????????R??????????????

DC5 Debut Tsukuba Battle
YouTube - DC5????? ???R???????NSX ?????? S2000 DC2

Impreza vs. EVO VI T.M.E battle (many parts)

S2000 vs. DC2 vs. JDM
YouTube - ????280??No.1 ?????

NSX-R Featurette 1-hour (RARE!)
YouTube - Best Motoring 1992: NA1 NSX-R Featurette | Part 1 of 6

DC2 9500rpm tuner battle
YouTube - DC2?????????R??????????????????9500rpm
That's just a speeded up vid of two ek9's.............
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Love the Best Motoring videos. I used to import the Best Motoring International vids/DVDs for the Benelux area. Unfortunately because everyone was putting them online on newsgroups and stuff a week after the release they didn't sell anymore. So because of this BMI turned the production volume down a lot, because they didn't get any revenue from their productions.

So now GT Channel and their YouTube channel are their way of at least still sharing some of the stuff. I just love watching the original DVDs (Battles at 10.000rpm for example) on my home cinema set with speakers at Spoon N1 volume ;)
thats some really brave driving in those conditions in the first vid!
I Love This Video's. I Hate That We Don't Get A Chance In The States To Drive A Real CTR Or ITR. :(
those vids are kick ass I can't wait to have mine on the road. I'm having to convert mine to LHD to take it back to the states with me when I leave. I'm almost done but its killing me not having it on the road.
im trying to find some of a B18c engined ek9, and speedo vids. anyone?