EK9 in the Netherlands - change up

Such a shame abt engine mate :(
well bright side k series would be savage in it :nice:
it is a great shame but it is what it is. Am no K guy... just don't like the look of it in an EK even though the power is tremendous. hence my choice for a B18
first of all let me excuse myself for the lack of information, day in and day out comments on the build. the thing is made up of several items.
1. i'm about as technical with cars (engine swaps etc.) as a potato.
2. i have no garage / space in general where i would be able to swap the engine myself even if i wanted to just for learning methods.

the car is with a few buddies of mine at their garage right now and they are doing the work so i am in no way going to take credit myself. I have to manage with the pictures and messages i get myself.

on another note, as described above. The engine is now out. The bay will get a well deserved scrub down to get it clean again and then the engine will go in very very soon.

Thanks for reading and possible interest :)


we looking forward for the build mate.
goodluck n keep the pics coming when you get chance to take sum :nice:
Well a more detailed post will come soon but for now; she's alive!


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been a while but busy busy. the B18 is in and has been tuned properly by Sneaky Tuning (Company located in the Netherlands) and it is a beast. Very quick on throttle response. I've also decided to go abit different for the look in 2015. It may not be to everyone's liking but...

more pics to come
Looks awesome. I wouldn't have been brave enough to try it on mine but works brilliantly.
i've had this car for 6 years. It was just something i wanted to try as i've grown tired of the same old look. but cheers lads!
I just had a swap a few weeks back.

From b16b to b18c.

What I love most is the ease of the straight swap.

I also do prefer the low down torque of the b18 just for thoughts :)
i know you said you shifted from 5th to 4th but why did it blow, were you high up in the revs when it happened
well apparantly either a miss-shift but i am fairly sure that didn't happen. i was in.... i think 5.5k rpm when i back-shifted. It doesn't matter now anyway.
didn't know you wrecked the B16B, and in a big way too. And I like the new look, wouldn't be to everybody's liking but I get it.

I'm also going B18C coming winter, can't wait for the torque and HP increase
holy old topic batman! nothing awesomely new but this page will be updated shortly with new things to come. The car will undergo alot of work and love. It has been with me since 2009 and has always been a blast to drive but never has been the cleanest... The stickers will go off. The car will be repainted (probably 2017) and will be cleaned in a major way, inside and out. No pictures as of yet as still saving up :) New seat will go in, cage, wheels will be redone. Hopefully i will have more pictures once this all starts...
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well that's been a while ago again. But the build will still be on it's way soon. The first thing i had to do to get the car ready was remove the stickers. there were alot but with the help of 2 friends of mine it was done in no time. Started at around 11 and finished up around 3 orso. decided to leave the rear lip off as well as i saw no use of getting that back on when it will go off again soon (i hardly drive the car anyway so it just sits 'nicely'). Also i've bought the first bit for the car; a bolt-in half-cage. Shame i don't get to experience it in the car for a while to come.

made some pics of the car without (this will be a lame post i realise that but i want everything documented)

15621809_1160168634032810_1104405843621500169_n.jpg 20161217_131223024_iOS.jpg

the car will go into it's 'hiding' soon (once another car is done) and the stripping will begin. more to be added then!
so last night it happened. The garage was emptied out and cleaned up for a bit and room was made to fit the 3rd car in. Mine. This is where the call will be for probably the next year and a half.
This topic will be updated regularly when things start moving now.



the second image makes it look more cramped up than it actually is. also the ITR will be out this summer so gives me some more room to build and break apart.
It has been a while since i've posted here. Not alot has been done to the car. Lack of space mostly has stopped me for now. I am expecting more to come next week as one of the cars will be out for the summer. The car will be relocated to where the black ITR stands in the picture. From that point on it is removing the panels and parts. First focus i think will be focus on the suspension system. New bushingkit is the focus next to cleaning everything after which i will give it all a full respray. from that point on we'll take the engine out and go from there. pics and better story soon :)