Ferodo 2500

Freakyparts off here mate, always get mine from stewart :)
Do they give off much brake dust? Id also be interested in a set for an ek9 if the price was right??
Hmm.. Think a group buy could be brewing up here!

Im interested in a set at a good price :D
i bought mine from tegiwa for about £120 i think, they feel good but i havent had anything else to compare them to
I just fitted some ds2500 to my brothers audi s3 8p, they are brilliant, even from cold.

They give off lots of brake dust though, very quickly.
Yeah they are very good, had them on my k20 ek, want a set on my DC2 now.. it doesn't come close!

Possibly start adding names?
1.Thuongk20 - DC2 Fronts
Anyone used carbon lorraine pads and ds2500 pads? Would be interesting to know how they compare