JRSC Carnival Yellow EG6 siR


Jul 4, 2010
Signed up on here a while ago and introduced myself but figured i'd fire up some pics of my WIP!

Bought this about a year ago...





It already had a really good spec including

Carnival Yellow
B16B Engine
EK9 Gearbox
Jackson Racing Supercharger @7psi
DTA management
Hasport mounts
Spoon Full system
SSR Type C's
Buddyclub Coilovers
DC2 Recaro's
J's Racing type S carbon bonnet

One of the first things I done was fit some wings west RS sideskirts and a BYS front lip.


It was at this point that I started to get used to the power and decided I needed to make it faster. I had extracted as much power from the b16b as I could, without just casually whacking up the boost. So I sorn'd it and sold my B16B bottom end and my charger. I've slowly worked my way through the whole car bit by bit, selling on what I didn't want / need and and since taking it off the road in Sept 2011, I've been a busy boy!

I then sold the Recaro's, bought a pair of Bride Zeta III's and switched the grey interior for a black one. I also stripped out the rear and painted it.



Not bad for a rattlecan job!

Bought some bride material and got my girlfriend to retrim my doorcards which turned out pretty good!



The plan at this stage was to buy a charge cooled version of the Jackson Racing inlet manifold. A company called LHT make these in the states. Basically, they run 2 cooling cores through the inlet manifold, and then a water pump and a charge cooler pass water through the manifold to keep the intake temperatures down. Thus allowing you to run more boost at lower temps! So I obviously had to have one...



They also port your "S tube" as part of the service to allow better flow through the charger.


And since I now was short of a bottom end, I sourced myself a nice low mileage MB6 to rob of the b18c4 and use it for my build. The c4 has a CR of 10.2:1 so will be ideal for boost in stock form.

I'm a bit of an SSR fan boy so I recently treated myself to a set of SSR Direzza's. Rare as **** and a really cool wheel. I gave them a coat of satin black and fired them on. My mate chewy came up and took some pics of the car in its somewhat sorry state, but this is how it stands...


I'm planning on running a 4.0" nose pulley, MVM stepper, and a CRV crank pulley which should net me around 11.7psi according to the veris calculator. I'm aiming for around 270bhp.

And that's it up until now I'm afraid! I have a pile of bits sitting like my J's Racing 3D GT wing, that I havn't quite got round to fitting but will try and update this as I progress... Be warned, I'm hopeless at this!
looks amazin man, love the Carnival Yellow EG6 there such a stunner in that colour, hope you get the figures you looking for, bet she will fly then :) will keep a look on this thread :D
Looks great, nice work :)

Spraying the rear inside makes a huge difference.
Looking good, cant ever remember seeing a yellow EG as nice
looking good i actually thought you parted the lot out , good to see its still alive :)
Who doing the pulley and belt change? I want to do the crv crank pulley on my vortech but can't find anyone who know thing about the vortech set up.
Very nice! I was going to buy the shell from you when you were breaking it, it's good that you decided to keep it in the end!
Been wanting to do something with the rear of the car for a while now. Its going to look pretty aggressive when the J's spoiler finally gets fitted so I thought about fitting a rear diffuser. Everyone and their gran seems to be retro fitting Re-A rx7 diffusers so I thought I'd try something different... An Exige S rear diffuser.




It's actually a really good fit and I havnt had to modify the actual diffuser as yet. The original cut out for the centre exit exhaust acts as a cut out for the rear tow eye. This is obviously just a rough mock up, I've still to dress up the edges where I've had to cut the bumper to get it to sit right and and I'll need to figure out what to do with the exhaust :? I'm thinking of selling my Spoon N1 and fitting a J's style exhaust with the tip coming out down through the diffuser. The length is perfect, takes it right back to just above the rear tie bar! Really chuffed with it thus far! :thumbsup:
how long until you get the LHT setup and tunned ?
and yes before you ask Im the same MrGrim from HT
how long until you get the LHT setup and tunned ?
and yes before you ask Im the same MrGrim from HT

Haha, was gonna say!

The engine is being put together over the next few weeks! Cant wait!

Just trial fitted my J's 3D GT wing! It was made for a Honda Jazz so the bracketry was all over the place! I cut them up and used them as a template to get it sitting the way i wanted it, and now im going to get the proper ones made up!