Kraft werks super charged k20 ek9 430bhp


Dec 21, 2009
Kraft werks super charged k20 ek9 430bhp


Thinking of selling my pride and joy, ek9 k20 rotrex supercharged civic. I have owned this the last 6 years and it has got everything it needed.

430bhp and 265 ft/ib torque

Car only built year and a half ago with supercharged k20.

K20 engine from 05 facelift dc5 and only 120k km on engine

Went to Ali borro motor sport dungannon to get full geo set up as well as full height and damper setup which has transformed the cars cornering performance and over all ride

one of the last genuine ek9s built,

170k km on car body

First owner since Bought it from Japan in 2008,


Dc2 sub frame

Car still original underseal and no rust and wax oiled last year

all poly bushings underneath (energy suspension)

New bc coilovers fitted which was custom made to suit weight of new k20 engine & charger

Hard race control arms

skunk2 Adjustable camber arms

Custom stainless steel 3 inch exhaust with vereux back box which has a silence button and passes nct (MOT) with bung added. Original ek9 cat can be fitted also. Passed emissions on NCT

Genunine front Spoon brakes with grooved discs

Red stuff brake pads on rear
Yellow stuff brake pads on front

Braided break lines & clutch line

Dot 5.1 break fluid

Buddy club roll centre adjusters


Genuine Rays engineering ce28's (super light alloy)

Yoka Hama ad08r tyres

Carbon fibre bonnet

Carbon fibre door pillars

Carbon fibre spoiler base

Carbon fibre front lip
All carbon culture


Turbo timer

Variable fan controller

Cobra alarm

Mint interior inside

Recaros in perfect condition nearly no wear of bolsters

Spoon Lower seat rails

Boot parcel shell

Defi gauges and defi controller (oil temp, water temp, oil pressure,boost guage)

Recaro seat cover used most of my ownership.

Original type r floor mats

Pioneer touch screen radio Bluetooth phone connection

Back upper strut brace


Kpro ecu mapped by Ireland's best Honda specialist AP Performance.

Rotrex supercharger c38-91

Custom Tegwia aluminum radiator

Front mount Intercooler with custom piping

Ported rbc manifold

70mm throttle body and adaptor plate

Carbon fibre coilpack cover

500bhp rated driveshafts

Passport Engine mounts

Tegwia fuel rail

750cc gram injectors

Custom intake

Rotorex Oil cooler

Private label Manifold

Hybrid racing Shifter box fully adjustable

Toda chain tensioner

Aem fuel pressure regulator

Cusco catch can

Hondata 4 bar map sensor

Exedy Lightened flywheel

Exedy stage 2 clutch

Ep3 gearbox (higher 5th & 6th)

Quaiff diff (not harsh, user and road friendly) cost me over £1000

Walbro fuel

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wow looks amazing man. black and bronze is a timeless combo.
This car is basically a parts catalogue lol
Hard push to find a buyer at 12k though
Wow!!! Love it. Perfect car. Wish I had money.

Yeah I would say be hard to push to get 12k out there.

GLWS mate.
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serious 9 ! would love to see videos of this, hopefully it does get snapped up and doesnt have to be stripped before selling parts off, would be a major shame !
Awesome! If I had a spare £12k I would take it off your hands :)
350bhp B18 Black EK9 turbo, caged/smoothed bay/spoon wheels/Recaro fixed buckets/ willwood brakes/ track focused etc etc

In part exchange?
awesome car, but it'll be tough to get 12k for it. most good k swaps seem to sell below 10k. glws.