My CTR ::

in the first picture, i saw a ctr and spoon ctr, how about the mugen ctr, haha nice car
Ya these are great pictures! Thanks. Look at those lovely dry and clean roads people! Bet they don't have half the problems as we do in keeping our hondas clean!!!
Every one of the EKs in those pics are looking really well:))
i like!!! nice and low, looks great with out the front plate too, wish we didn't have to run a front plate in the uk, looks way better :((

Agree! in the U.S we also need to put the plates but a lot of people took it off just for the look. but if they are bad lucky or the cop just wanted to mess with them , he will give out tickets :nono: but its a fixing ticket ..put it back on .tell a officer to sign it off pay 25 USD thats it
Really nice!Well,goodluck in finishing your conversion.I'm planning to do it sometime next year.Not for now because i do have a lot of things to work on first.
Damn Italo, you have a really clean EK9, and you have really nice EK´s in Republica Dominicana. Are most of that cars LHD conversions (I know the ek9´s are but the others)???
Keep us updated.