My EK coupe build up

Steve M

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Jul 3, 2009
Heres a wee history of my car

This is how it looked the day i bought it back in November 2006

Sadly, being a new driver, i binned it into a ditch a month after passing my test.... also the day my coilovers arrived! and i bashed the **** out the rear quarter and bumper. Also bent the rear trailing arm


So i put on a new trailing arm then me and a friend did a quick spraycan job on the back bumper, decided at that time to put my Rota Slipstreams on cause i was sick of the 3 spokes:lol:

It was then booked into a bodyshop to get the quarter pulled out and to get the bumper properly painted
After it came out i got my D2 coilovers on asap due to being sick of the tractor ride height. Once they were on it was sitting like this

Not too long after that i got an exhaust system for it. A skunk2 Megapower cat back with ebay manifold and sports cat.... not quiet at all!!

Next up on the list was a set of import plates, complete with import recess and tilt bracket. Also a set of wind deflectors and an EK9 style grill that i got given as a present for my 18th birthday




A cheapo ebay front strut brace was put on sometime around then too

I then stripped out the rear of the car and fitted a set of del sol front seats, found these ofered a fair bit more support that the shan standard things. Got an SiR lip too, one of my favourite parts of the car... really completes the front end of the car



After months and months of searching, i eventually found a set of 50/50 rear lights on ebay.. they were snapped up straight away. Also... after a huge amount of peer pressure, i took the spoiler off. Looks a huge amount cleaner without it even though i was unsure to start with



Next up i focused on the interior slightly, i fitted a set of OEM cupholders... these things really should have came standard in every civic, so so handy to have.
Theres also now a shortshifter, Skunk2 gearknob and OEM EK9 gear gaitor. A Personal steering wheel was fitted too, later fitted to a snap off wheel boss for that extra little bit of security


A few months after that i was offered a new set of wheels for a very good price from a mate, and after another huge amount of peer pressure, i bought them
Theyre Volk group NR-S, and id say theyre my favourite mod on the car, theyre a bit marmite ive found after talking to a lot of people, but i couldnt imagine my car without them now. A decat was fitted a few months later, makes the car ridiculously loud! A spoon rear strut brace appeared at some point too



Had a few bits and pieces painted on it before JAE to tidy it up. And a month or so i managed to get my hands on a set of EK9 headlights


Now the exterior was pretty much exactly how i wanted it, so i began trying to enhance the driving experience. I had got a Bride Brix seat off a mate months before but didnt have a rail to mount it on, luckily another friend happened to have a Bride low position seat rail for sale to that was quickly bought and put in. And what a difference it made! Sitting pretty much on the floor changes the driving experience a huge amount, makes you feel what the car is doing a hell of a lot more. Looks smart too:cool:

I bought a full 282 front brake and rear disc conversion and after a huge bout of laziness, eventually put the fronts on. Hardly any clearance under the Volks at all!

Think thats about everything thats been done so far, lots of things to go on it still, just needing some effort and i'll have my rear discs on, then hopefully itl have a new heart not long after

If youre still here then fair play for reading that novel, heres a few most recent pics to leave you with



Cheers for reading:)
i like it,not often you'll hear me say that about a coupe,but i like what you've done with it,if your after another bride seat to match that one theres a lad selling one over on crx uk,also i have a spare volk group nrs in red that could do with a refurb if you want it £20 quid and it's yours has centre cap and in 4x 100 was a spare off my old eg6 :nice:.
Mmm love this motor to bits
I want it so bad
Looked proper amazing at the last meet, nicest car there imho :)
Keep up the good work bud
Very nice mate... :nice: Just at the beginning of my coupe project...

Im hopin mine will come along as well as this :D
Nice, looking good. Its amazing what the simplicity of a sir lip can do to make the front look more aggressive! :nice:
Thanks for the nice comments guys:)

No way the spoiler is going back on now, dont think it would fit in at all now with the rest of the look of the car

Corral, i wouldnt mind having a matching passenger seat but my gf has already said no to that, she hates sitting in the one i have just now:lol:

has the Volk got a tyre on it? could be interested in that though
good job man. really good build up. really clean, and dont put the spoiler back on. like the front lip too. clean
Corral, i wouldnt mind having a matching passenger seat but my gf has already said no to that, she hates sitting in the one i have just now:lol:

has the Volk got a tyre on it? could be interested in that though[/QUOTE]

yeah it's got a tyre on it,but can't remember if it's any good mate,would do for a spare,it would be pretty hard to get hold of if you were to need a replacement as said it could do with a refurb, but for £20 i think its worth that.