My EK coupe build up

This car is epic. Seen it at knockhill a few weeks back. Its as quick as it is loud haha. Crackin car mate.
Not updated this for a while! Was off work a couple of weeks ago, so got a few jobs done on the car before I put it in the garage for the winter

First off, I stripped the interior so I could paint the inside and run my new brake hoses. Definitely not the greatest paint job I've ever done but at least it's all black now!



I then fitted a set of Buddyclub roll centre adjusters to the hubs I bought off Adam with some extended studs so I can run spacers on the front, painted them up since its me haha



Fitted my hubs and replaced both front calipers as one of them was sticking a bit, warping a disc, and I couldn't be arsed rebuilding them! Got my discs skimmed and the pad faces skimmed as they've only done 2500-3000 miles. Still need to paint the calipers



Last thing I did was fit the HEL hoses I bought off Adam, took longer than I expected to fit cause I had no idea where the holes in the shell needed to be drilled! Got them on and bled up, but the pedal is shite so they'll need bled again






Still got plenty more to do to it before I bring it out again in the spring, just need some motivation to do it all!
Us on track days next year should be enough motivation haha cars wicked as always mate
Car looks great mate. Sounded great on th RR and looked great on track. Nice job with the painting and brakes hoses! ;)
Looking really good, doing a great job :nice:

Can I ask where you got them brake hoses? Looking for a set pm me if you want
Cheers :nice:

I got he hoses off a mate who was breaking his track car. He had them made up by Gerry at performacetek, would guess any HEL dealer could make them for you?
Been a wee while since my last update so may aswell share what I've been up to.

Put the car in the garage sometime in November and ignored it for a bit :lol: got back into working on it recently and got a few things done

I got a set of H&R spacers off Adam when I bought my hubs off him, but they were 20mm ones and far too big, so I got them machined down to 10mm and they sit perfectly

Also fitted one D2 rear toe arms and the bolts for my OEM ones were seized, bit of a **** job, one of the captive nuts came away and fell into the floor, so Graham had to come and cut and weld the floor for me!

Rebushed the front LCA's with hardrace bushes, had fun burning the old bushes out!

As you might have seen in my last update, there was a hole in the bulkhead from me making an arse of measuring where to drill the hole for the brake hoses :lol: So Graham came round and welded it up for me, quick coat of paint and it's as good as new!

And last but not least, my new exhaust turned up last weekend! Got fed up of waiting for a 2nd one so ended up buying one new from 5zigen directly, it's a Border 304.. Can't wait to hear it! Just needing a new manifold then I'll get the backbox modded to fit my car and get it on!

Got a few more jobs to do before the car comes back on the road, so I'll try to keep this updated
them borders are meant to be very loud LOL

read through this, good build and you have a very clean coupe :)
Thanks mate :)

Yeah it will be really loud, I've got a skunk2 megapower fitted just now so I'm used to a bit of noise!
Wow not updated this in a long time! I still have this haha. Done a few bits and pieces to it, still looks the same though haha
Bought a 5zigen manifold to go along with the catback, have it a good polish up them heat wrapped it


Got it fitted then got the backbox modified to fit the coupe back end, along with a new 2.5" decat

And a wee video of how it sounds, really need to do a decent vid at some point
Took it on track again at the monsterunit tracknight

Then took it off the road at the end of September and it sat for ages! Got a bit of work done on it at the start of the year though. Put a new timing belt, tensioner + waterpump on it, new track rod ends, clutch master cylinder and updated ARB + steering rack bushes, did some other things but can't remember what :lol:
Got some new radiator hoses and a Password JDM fuel pump cover too


Also finally got round to refurbing my rocker cover, had been planning on doing that for about 2 years! Looks much better now!



Think that's everything up to date now! Put the car back on the road last weekend, have it a wash and polish yesterday. Paintwork to come next...... Again!
So much love for this car, Deffo my favourite coupe and the rocker came out perfect!
Thanks man! Rocker isn't perfect in my eyes but it'll do! Haha
Pretty much since the sunroof bung was fitted I've had an issue with cracks in the paint surrounding it. Kinda got a bit worse a couple of weeks ago while pressure washing it at Rippu's.... Ended up with 3 chunks of paint lifting straight off :(

At the moment the paints been glued back on :lol: undecided about what to do just now. Not ******* about with bungs again, so I'm looking at full roof panels as welding a plate in could be an issue with heat distortion on the roof panel. Honda want £400 for a panel if I can get one, a carbon replacement panel would be similar money. Other option is finding a non sunroof coupe as a doner.... Harder than it sounds! So have no idea what the next move will be :nerv:
Carbon panel would be amazing.. That's the next move. Keep my eyes peeled for any coupes for breaking for you though.
One of the nicest coupes. Good to see you sticking with this for so many years.
Cheers! Carbon panel would be cool, Rippu keeps going on about it too haha.
If you could keep an eye out that would be great thanks Chris