My EK9 k20 build


Feb 24, 2011
Hi guys, been a member on here for a bit now and i have been building my EK9 up over the last year and half but i never had the to time to posted up a build thread before. So here it goes .

I could talk all day about what i have done to the car over the last year and half . I will let the pictures do the talking for me and not bored you all. :D

The spec when i got it EK9rx with
b18c 1996 spec with lsd
Hks short ram intake
5Zigen Decat
5Zigen catback
Mugen rear strut brace
Dc2 front strut brace
c-pillar bar
Dc2 rad
Mugen oil cap
Hid kit
After market front lip
APEX springs 40mm

I got:
-194 bhp
-174.8 whp
-125.6 lbft

Here is a picture after her first good clean



This is her about a year on from when i got her

New parts that i have add :D

Skunk 2 mega power catback
Aem v2
Skunk2 intake
Skunk2 70mm throttle
Hondata intake gasket
5Zigen pro racer manifold
fidanza fly wheel
Stage 2 competition clutch
Braided clutch line
Hasport engine mounts
cusco oil catch can
Skunk2 rad cap
Stage 1 hasport drive shaft
Freaky parts brake discs and honda pads
deleted the air conditioning and ABS
I got:
-213.1 bhp
-194.5 whp
-136.9 lbft

So i was happy just needed to get her S300 .

So more pictures :D Just to up data you on how im getting on .











Now that we are all up to data and the hard bit is done . She has been of the road from November now for the winter and there's been lots of work being done to her. I will up data later on in the week :D. Will update when i get new parts and stuff.

Thanks Any comments are welcome.
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That engine bay is so clean you eat food off it lol Your not related to Captain Slow are You? :))
Very fit motor!! Seen it in the flesh!! Beautiful car. Looking forward to the updates coming in. ps once my 98 spec mani sells i'll be up for the exhaust!!
Engine bay looks really tidy!
Where did you get that carbon cooling plate from?
Very fit motor!! Seen it in the flesh!! Beautiful car. Looking forward to the updates coming in. ps once my 98 spec mani sells i'll be up for the exhaust!!

Cheers mate . Yea in the next couple of day there will be a big up data . Yea the exhaust is yours if you want it .
Looks really nice mate. Is that a replica front lip, I have nearly the same parts spec as you ready for my b18c, 212bhp I'd be chuffed to bits with that power. What are your future plans?
Time to up data you all on how im getting on with the car . The plan was to get the b18c remap then build it but i have end up going down a different root with the car .

Im going k20 now . I have be collecting part over the last couple of months .

I book the car in to get the engine bay painted and holes in the bay filled that i don't need .The guy that is doing it for me said to me he would do me a good deal if i got the hole car painted i couldn't say no:)) . I just want her to be 100% .

Couple of pictures of her getting stripped down :( but all will be good soon

Her last day bye bye b18




Here is some pictures of her getting holes filled in the bay .





Some new that parts .

Dc2 subframe

Old battery and new one .

Full length DC5 rad


New front strut brace three point one

K swap header . I wanted the skunk 2 one but this one will get me up and running.

Well thats it for now, will update when i get new parts and stuff.
Any comments and sugestions are welcome.
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