Nurburgring 2014 trip

On a side night, on a tourist day are your guys' cars insured, if so how?
Technically yes, because the Nordschleiffe is officially a public 1 way toll road. That's why your car has to be insured, have MOT etc. But it could be that your insurance has ruled out the Nordschleife. Also, I have heard of a case where an insurer wouldn't accept the claim even though they did not exclude the ring in the conditions. But the insurer convinced the judge that the Nordschleife is not a normal road but a road that is on purpose made twisty and difficult to drive for racing purposes, because of which it could be qualified as a track. From what I understand the insurance did not had to pay.

Just take into account that when anything happens the damage could be a mere 2000 euro but total damage could also easily go beyond 10.000 euro's.
Ill be going 24th- 29th June now, another excuse to mod the car further ��. Can't wait! Will hopefully meet some of you guys there.
damn just seen this here
and i've seen some pics of you there

def need to visit too, when some of you are there
isn't that far away for me

I was there 2 weeks ago on a trackday. I absolutely love the trackdays over there compared to the normal toerist drives. A lot less idiots on the road. The trackday ran from 12.00 to 16.30u and there wasn't a single closure of the Ring. When I got back last Sunday (toeristdrives), I was there 1h and the track got closed for a couple of hours:please: