Nurburgring - Whos Going And When

Here now! Done a Spa track day Wednesday and was on Nurburgring GP track most of today.
anybody got anything planned this summer?
Thought it would be a good thread to have. (sticky ? ) (maybe in upcoming events section?, i think ive posted it in the wrong place!) Just post your dates and i'll keep this top post updated as you add your dates in!!! :thanks:

May help encourage people to come over, or help planning if you want to go when other people will be there etc! :nice:

April :
Steve - 21st - 26th
Beardy - 21st - 26th

May :
NeilVtec : 27th - 30th
Si8pny : 19th - 24th

June :
Kev G 9th - 13th
M!cheal - 15th - 22nd

July :
Ross : 1st - 11th
Gem : 1st - 11th
ijwhiteman : 1st - 11th
Hev : 1st - 11th
Tim : 1st - 11th
stevenEK9 : 1st - 11th

August :
Mattharvey12 : 2nd - 11th
FullRaceB20 : 5th - 8th
LowJoe : 1st - 8th (sometime around these dates - not confirmed)
baz ctr : 16th - 19th

September :

October :

_JT 16th - 17th

November :


Good website for general Nurburgring info inc. Opening times. Also some good articles to read!

BTG: #1 Nurburgring guide, resource & community!

Hi can I go please, October or November cheers
Will be there for the first time, the first week of May :nice:
4 ofmy mates are off to the Ring on the 6th as well through to the 9th.
CW JDM EP3, Black UK EP3, CW PFl DC5 and an Audi S4 .

I'm hoping to go, but don't even know if I can get the time off work yet. Lol will be a last minute thing .