Nurburgring - Whos Going And When

Think I might organise something for next year June July time got a few people that want to go, we had a convoy of 10 cars This year, could maybe get 15-20 next year::dance:
I will be there in my DC2, Dad with his DC2, a friend in an EP3 and possibly my uncle in his 996 Carrera, May 22nd - 25th (Not booked yet) :nice:
I'm going to go again this year but make it around a spa track day aswel.
Go too spa then up too the ring for a few days.
Dates are up :nice:.

Think we're going to try Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd of May, it's the green hell driving weekend, tracks open 0800-1930 Thursday-Sunday, need to get planning!
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Can confirm we're staying/tracking Friday 2nd May and Saturday 3rd May :nice:.

DC2, DC2, EP3, 996 911.

Can't wait!
Ive went there last year in my s2k an it was awesome, and advise all petrol heads to go flif only for the experiance... It was a lot easier then i thought and the ferry ride was only about £55 return :)
I'll be there next weekend with the Turbo nine. :)
Cool, looks like there will be a few peeps around :D