Skunk2 front cambers real vs fake????


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Dec 7, 2009
Hello friends, i am about to purchase a front camber kit for my ek9!! ll get a skunk2 for ebay. anyone can help me identify who sells fake skunk2 front cambers and wich one is real??
All Buddy Club camber arms are fake. Even if you buy them directly from them.
Experience, they're nothing but cheap Chinese crap. You can't fake something that is already crap.
I think that sums everything up, including all their products. They aren't what they use to be...
We sell everything, the skunk2 ones arent that much better for the money difference.

I guess youve had a bad experience?
A number of them, and with Buddy Club UK customer service. I'm sure there are plenty of others on this forum alone that have as well.
Every person I know that has had buddyclub camber arms the bolts have sheared off/came out.. not the best in my opinion and I havent used them and never would as looking on the forum this seems to happen to everyset.
apart from the allen bolts they are stronger than most of the other aftermarket camber arms and the ball joints dont dry out and need greased like said sk2 arms. just my 2 cents. Also can the op post their findings about real vs fake sk2 arms, would be good info to share. :nice:
LOL :lol: As soon as I read the thread title I knew exactly what most of the posts were going to be saying.
Ive the skunk2 pro series ones in my race car and there great,got another set for my ek. The buddyclub ones ive herd nothing but bad reports would never buy them for that reason,why should you have to buy them and then have to go buy new bolts as well surly that's there job