TGM X bar fitted

friend in the US sent me it,you can get them on the bay but the postage
can be quite expensive from sellers on there!!!
That looks superb mate! Such a tidy job of the cutting aswell

I wish i could get braces like these in the coupe :(
Like the way you made the cut-out look clean, nice touch. Usually people tend to just hack it up and it looks super ghetto. Nice job, makes me want to look into the same rear brace. What company manufactures it...and how much did it run you $?
Its a TDM brace bud.
Plenty on the bay,i got friend in the US to send it.
Thanks for the kind words people!
far better than my installation of mine! i intended for it to end up like yours but with very poor cutting tools it cracked so now i have big messy holes :(

Looks great on yours!
got this rear brace so gave it a go fitting it today,all went well except my stupid cordless drill battery kept dying :angry2:

took a few measurements first..

starting to shape the hole using a 2" band...

fitted the trim so one side finished


nearly there




few small adjustments to make but im happy enough with it.
thanks for looking
Hey man, I came across this thread and I really like the clean install. Can you share measurements for where I need to make the holes in the trim?

I've got the PLM miracle butterfly Crossbar that I'm looking toward installing. I've seen alot of people gut the trim. Really appreciate how clean your install turned out to be.
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