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    Ah ok cheers, they were on my ek9 when it was imported ill update it
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    Item for sale: koyo full width radiator Price: £105 + delivery Paypal: yes Location: Ta13 Somerset Condition: 8/10 Description: Koyo full with rad with koyo rad cap to fit Ek civic. In perfect working order when removed. There is a small dent in the radiator as pictured but is only...
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    Team Dynamics Pro Race 1 Wheels 17" 5 x 114.3 e50

    Item for sale: Team Dynamics Pro Race 1 Wheels Set of 5 Price: £400 + delivery Paypal: yes Location: TA13 Yeovil Somerset Condition: 9/10 Description: Set of 5 team dynamics pro race 1 wheels in white. The size is 17 x 7.0 5x114.3 e50. The wheels are new and have never been used or tyres...
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    Dinitrol Vs Por-15 Underseal for EK9 - Opinions?

    POR-15 has been slated on some car restoration forums as it can crack off, especially when used on areas that do not already contain rust. You should steam clean the underside, if there is rust then wire wheel it clean, use a rust remover (I forget the brand name of the most popular) and then...
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    Arch replacement

    Jotamastic 90 (but can only be bought as 5L) or Lechler epoxy which can be bought in smaller amounts.
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    Arch replacement

    I've done four arches - two on an EG and two on a CRX - and it's a simple case of drilling the spots from the inner arch, removing all rust to good metal and then welding a new arch panel in (as well as rebuilding the inner arch). To make it last as long as it does from the factory you can coat...
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    Hondata S300 V2 - reduced

    i have not sold the harness, i was worried it was missing a piece of wiring that comes with it. I dont have the separate extra coloured wiring as shown in the picture on h tune If you dont need this bit i can do it for £70 delivered in...
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    Hondata S300 V2 - reduced

    It is one for a CRX to connect the ECU
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    Hondata S300 V2 - reduced

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    Honda CRX RALLY CAR Build

    So would he! :secret:
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    Garage Project!

    Looks great :) I've been kitting out my new workshop - for the floor, the resin paint from Screwfix is brilliant!
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    She's popped on the Ring :-(

    Didn't J7OO0CK also have an engine built by Will and something went wrong but it was all a bit hushed up?
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    She's popped on the Ring :-(

    How many miles since Will rebuilt it? At one time everyone was jizzing over his engine building skills, but if this is the proof of his engine building skills then it's clear the reality did not live up to the legend. Sorry to hear your troubles, I'd recommend an S2K next, I love mine...
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    Southend, Chances of finding a untouched EK9?

    Type-R-Dunk has one coming from Japan, worth the extra money to have a fresh import. You say rust is easily fixed by a bodyshop, if you have ever done any bodywork you will know that is not the case! Luckily Civics are easy with few places that you can't get to when welding to seal it all up...
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    Slight rust on bodywork

    There was a dent so they welded a few straws of metal to it and pulled it out with a slide hammer and then ground the metal off, used a skim of filler and repainted. I would get it taken back to bare metal, treat with epoxy primer and then get them to do all the filler work over the epoxy...