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    It's taken me longer than that just to get my hours in for my PPL(private pilots licence) call me sceptical but doesn't sound right to me! PPL I can see full civvie licensed commercial pilot! Hmmm?? Sorry didnt know how to qoute two posts so just copied jimbos. I started training in march...
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    Messed about in school and finished in 2007 with average enough results. Worked for a year or so then trained to be an airline pilot. Graduated in june 2009 got a job in October and started in March of this year and im loving it. One of the best driving jobs in the world i think...
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    Alot of Miss Firing. Help please..

    Hi lads its been a while ive been busy. I just want to see can anyone help. The other night my car missfired maybe twice very slightlly in vtec, At first I thought it was just dirty petrol. However it has gotten far worse sometimes when I try to give it vtec it will missfire 3 or 4 times in a...
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    Pulling to left!! :(

    Hi Ben, Im in the exact same boat with my eg9 and I have pretty much just done the same things to my car as you! It did however just fail nct on a faulty track rod end and a booth on the passenger side of the steering rack. I think there might be damage to the stering rack with the ripped booth...
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    2000 Black EK9 Type RX (Mega Spec)

    I cant belive this car is for sale now if it were a couple of months down the line I would have it.
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    Final drive

    Thats the one I was looking for thanks alot blinx..
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    New Lady Honda Head..=]

    Ha luk who joined.. Its true megan you will have to type properly round here give it sohc...
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    Final drive

    A while ago there was a thread here with a link in it for a cheap genuine Honda 4.78 final drive kit. Can anyone tell me where this thread is or what is the website that has it for sale? Thanks.:please:
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    MeisterR or BC Racing?

    I have a set of bc racing coiloverson my eg9 and I couldnt recommend them enough excellent build quality, great comfort and super handling. I had both standard and gas shocks with lowering springs and these out perform in every way. Plus you get a year garuntee and can get any spare parts for...
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    Hello! dc2 owner wanting to say hi!

    Nice intro and lovely car enjoy the site...
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    Just a few questions

    Hi all, its been a while since ive posted here been very busy with college and the likes. I just have a few questions and would apprecieate some answers if anyone could help. First of all I fitted a b16b into my eg9 this last October. I bought a conversion harness for it but when I run it on...
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    getting jackets made

    What colors do these hoody's come in? Im interested in one with just the small logo on the front?
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    Charlie's B18 EG (sorry it isnt an EK)

    Very nice build matt black looks very well and sleek...
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    Exeedy Organic Clutch

    In my experience with this and its not just on honda's if you have a whining in the gear box and if you put your foot on the clutch the noise stops its the bearings in the box itself that are at fault not the clutch or release bearing ive seen this happen a good few times.