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    Hondata K-Pro 4

    Yeah open to offers, I'm in Dunfermline, Fife.
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    Hondata K-Pro 4

    Hi all, selling my Hondata K-pro 4, the ECU was from my old EP3 Civic Type R which I took the engine from for my Lotus Elise, the Hondata was installed last year by CPL and the ECU has not been used since. I’m selling because I’m going for an ECUmaster ECU to match the digital dash and PDM’s...
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    Is the K20 an interference engine?

    As title, is the k20 an interference engine when vtec is NOT engaged? I've searched google and can't find any information on the subject.
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    K20 timing fault

    Thanks for the advice, I'm away from home for a few weeks so I just wanted to get an idea of where to start when I get back. I'm wanting to get the engine fully running before I take it out the civic so I know it should be good when it goes in the elise, not just my bad wiring etc. Are there any...
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    K20 timing fault

    Last week I purchased an ep3 for £700 with the intention of stealing the engine and gearbox for my Lotus due to it putting a conrod through the side of the block on a track day last Friday. Now the car came with the engine management light on and a lack of vtec issue, I've since scanned the car...
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    What car next ??

    As has been said above, don't be swayed by others opinions. I went over to a Lotus Elise and couldn't imagine a better car for the money, lightweight, amazing handling and yet I get people who have never owned one saying how unreliable they are. Yes it's a good idea to see what's about but when...
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    Bon Voyage.... Destination 'ring

    Epic trip, watch out for the toll roads in Austria! Caught us out and was rather costly..
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    Genuine volks lightweights wheels?

    Quick way to tell, Volks rega's etc come with a smaller diameter alloy valve that cannot be replaced with the larger uk rubber valves
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    Warning about using spacers & standard length wheel studs

    Manufacturers cut corners everywhere they can to save money. That has to be one of the most annoying statements someone can make, to claim that Honda designed every ek from the start to handle like a super car. Of course there are improvements to make, at the end of the day the civic chassis was...
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    Be careful at the ring....

    It's from the netherlands so doubt he's on an english speaking forum
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    172 clio or 182 !

    I'm sorry mate, but if you think that's even possible you really are stupid, try using a GPS speedo and see what you actually get, I've seen pretty standard eg6's showing around 150mph on the clocks when the GPS is saying just over 130mph. Just because it's French does not mean it can break the...
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    172 clio or 182 !

    haha! don't be stupid, a car with just over 160 bhp doing 168mph?? no wonder you think they're fast, the speedo must be broken, you would need circa to 300bhp to reach those speeds
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    Oil temps on my engine?

    That's to low for oil temp, oil should be hot enough to boil of any contaminants such as condensation inside the engine, and also to reach the correct viscosity. I'd be looking for closer to 90degrees
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    Bucket seat choices

    another vote for recaro. However the newer corbeau seats are pretty good quality, i just bought these for my car, albeit not a honda anymore but was very pleased with the quality for the money
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    AP Racing Coilovers

    I think they make enough money as it is, anyone that can actually afford genuine ap products is not likely to skimp out on eBay