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    Started 4 years ago, now we're here - Rippu's EJ9

    Looking great Rippu. It has got better with age :nice: Very clean.
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    New NSX

    It suffers from not being an early 90's NSX
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    Scottish Independence

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    Scottish Independence

    Scotland Voted No - I am immensely proud/ relieved.
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    Scottish Independence

    I will be deeply saddened if Scotland votes Yes today. Could Scotland be an independent county? Of Course Should Scotland be an independent country. Definitely Not The economic proposals will most definitely lead to a weaker nation than we currently have, and one that would be more dependant...
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    Issues with the new forum software?

    I can't cope ... Looks good though
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    Scottish Independence

    This thread is going to break This argument is based entirely on human emotion on both sides and to try and have a sensible debate on the internet is impossible... But here goes To vote yes because you are disillusioned by the problems and inequalities in our society would be a...
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    Who broke down on the Ring?

    Shame to hear this Jesse. ADAC are terrible to deal with. The staff are extremely rude and offer no support whatsoever. If you are going to arrange to take the car home yourself keep receipts of all the costs you occur and submit them in a complaint. They recovered my Jeep from Belgium after a...
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    Glasgow meet?!

    Would be up for it.
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    Ally's EK9

    This is looking awesome Ally! Impressive how far this has come... Completed? Great pics as usual Rippu... What camera you using? Wear more tinfoil.
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    :wow: The black 9 and NSX Would love to visit Japan.
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    Car delivery update

    Gutted to read about your car at the ring man. I recently had to get a car repatriated with the ADAC. I found them terrible to deal with over the phone but they got the car home safely in the end. I was told 3 weeks as well but the car turned up after 1 week.
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    Nurburgring DN10 track day report - E46 M3

    Looks amazing.. 20 laps in one session is pretty tiring. Driving is impressive, and the picture on the kerb is awesome. :nice: Need to try the ring in a RWD car one day.
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    Le Mans

    Not going but would love to see it. Enjoy. Take pictures :cool:
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    Nurburgring Trip 2014

    Thanks for all the kindness. Appreciated :nice: If you haven't been... you must. Just spectating is awesome. Enjoy guys :nice: Jealous already. Hope your as lucky with the weather as I was. Ok man, Fast and the Furious.