Dobler's eK Build

Hey everyone, some small updates…
Over the holiday I made a block off plate for my 99-00 cup holder and installed my Tanabe
Oil pressure gauge. I also took my Vision-R axle back off and replaced it with a J’s 60R axle back.
After that I snapped some photos of the car, and did an interview about it with Automotive Anatomy
The link is below. Happy New Year everyone!







What an amazing build, I love your dog lol :)
Havent posted in awhile... not much has changed tho...
Installed a new T1R header a few weeks back and a 1st gen Vision oil catch can.
Also running staggered wheels.
Front: 15x8 +35 57DR's
Rear: 15x7.5 +35 949 6UL's
205/50/15 all around

EK Ill Son 1 RS.jpg

EK Ill Son 2.jpg
EK Ill Son.jpg

T1R Header Installed.jpg
T1R Header.jpg
Vision catch can.jpg
Looking super clean and fresh!! that manifold :nice: so many clean builds out the US, seeing a lot from california especially at the eibach show and chronicles meet. Those night pics look awesome with the parking lights on!
Thanks man! Yeah a lot of nice build at Eibach and Chronicles... Only thing i dont like about them is... they dont really see the streets...
I built my car to see lots of miles haha. But everyone has their own preference!
Garage queens yh lol bring them out for show then tucked away. They do look amazingly clean though yh! Theft quite a common thing there? I'm on the fb groups and see often Hondas being taken and ditched :/
Are you on ig?
Yeah theft is big here. My 1st EM1 was jacked in 2010.
yeah im on IG. @Dobler
whats your username?
Damn that sucks! can't have anything nice these days, always some **** out there wanting it.
Sent you a follow man, I'm pete180 on there :)
Small update...
Gathering parts to BAR the car in CA.