GTM Libra (Honda Engined)

Still doing bits on this car

Got some 2 part polyeurethane that I'm going to fill the cambelt side upper engine mount with, should steady the engine a bit more. Have already got poly inserts in the gearbox side mount and it definitely helped. I might even remove that one and effectively stick them in with this stuff so there's no movement in the inserts.

Also got a brand new steering rack on the way was a bitch to find as the car uses a LHD rover metro rack and get this ..... it's 3.6 turns to lock!! absolutely ****. Add that to the fact it feels pretty worn there is no feel at all and the steering is SO SLOW

So my new rack is a MGTF 2.7 turns to lock and should give it a more weighted and precise feel. Bit of a **** job to change it but I can't wait to get it done as it ruins the car.

Last night made a heat shield for the manifold and fitting a carbon fibre NACA duct in the rear Perspex cover just above the air filter so aid cooling as it gets warm under there, not ideal for an open filter but it sounds too good to ditch :fapfap:
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Monday night I did the engine mount, removed and blanked one side. Mixed up some of this stuff

Poured in and let it cure. So the mount is now basically solid rubber with the steel bush in the middle. It is a lot stiffer so I'm expecting it to be much better - haven't driven it yet ...

Did a bit of cardboard aided design

Finished the TF rack installation last night too but haven't been out in it yet, feels good through the wheel though bit more weight to it and no play. Looking forward to driving it again gearchange is miles better, engine mounts stiffer, new steering rack - should make a big difference.

This pic of my old car just popped up on Facebook memories from 7 years or so ago. God I need to get this one painted as my old car looked the nuts.

One thing I wish the ek9 had was a shorter rack. My mx5s steering is superb with good weight to it for a pas system.
Love the naca duct
The saga continues, took it round the block last night and dicking about tried spinning the tyres up driving my my drive, nothing remotely brutal at all as it usually spins up dead easy, as soon as it gripped there was a bit of a noise. Not a Big Bang or anything more a clunk and it just lost all drive.

I have no drive in any gear, can even start the car in gear. So I'm assuming the clutch has blown but it really shouldn't have gone from what I did. It wasn't that brutal..

The clutch pedal still feels good, selects all gears nice. What would happen if I blew one drive shaft, would it just drive one side or not at all? It's a s80 lsd box.

Just want to eliminate any possibilities before removing the box which will be a ******* ball ache.
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Not lost a driveshaft?
As you say you shouldn't have lost the clutch (assuming standard clutch?) From alittle burnout attempt.
Funny enough I just edited my post to ask that.. Would that lose all drive or just drive one side?

Wasn't even a burnout just playing with it really
Yeah mine popped the drivers side shaft out before, even with my plate LSD is wasn't moving under its own power.
It's worth a check, mine looked like it was fine from a quick glance but get in there and wobble it you'll see its actually popped out the box.
So if it's either popped out or blown a CV joint it could give symptoms as I've described

It was weird as no big noises
Yep. Mine came out on a gentle cruise on the motorway. No noise what so ever
I replaced the whole shaft as it happen 1 week before a nurburgring trip, didn't fancy the risk and getting stuck in Europe.
I replaced the whole shaft as it happen 1 week before a nurburgring trip, didn't fancy the risk and getting stuck in Europe.
I hope it's that dude

Another reason I think it may be is I was messing with my rear caster camber etc and that could have easily disturbed one of the shafts
Mine popped out on the trip home from a wheel alignment...
Did it lose any oil? I didn't notice anything but I guess it could've just come out enough to lose drive without losing the seal
I think it may have done yes. Although I'm in the habit of slightly overfilling mine. When it's up to the fill port level it won't leak out of the driveshaft hole (assuming level ground)
I'd be surprised if you've knackered the clutch so good luck!
Also happened me , drivers side popped out when I first put engine into car , lost all drive , I just jacked it up popped it back in and never happened again.

There we have it

Just makes me wonder how strong the welds are that haven't broken... Both shafts have been modified by GTM probably half a rover and half a Honda shaft welded together... Part of me says weld up and forget and the other more paranoid half of me says the other side may well go too eventually