My eg6 Rally car


Jun 6, 2012
This is my eg6 vti rally car


Here is some in-car from 2 weeks ago at the Banna Beach Rally

Banna Rally 2012 - Michael Nolan and Jimmy Kiely SS 6 - YouTube

Here is how the car looked for the first year


Then I did a bit of tidying up to it


And here is how she looks today


Found this pic from the rally 2 weeks ago. This is at 110mph and the carbon bonnet was about to be ripped off:wow:


Must rebuild the engine over the winter some will probably be asking loads of questions on here:D
Getting all four wheels off the ground must be fun!

One of the best parts of rallying are the jumps! Being inside a car when it lifts off the road at sometimes over 100mph is just epic. Once you have good suspension that is. In my first rally I had coilover suspension from a jap track car, and on the first jump 5 miles into the first stage of the rally we landed hard and snapped the front passenger side shock in 2! and burst the 2 rear coilovers:angry2: We were lucky we didnt weck the whole car!

Here is a vid from last year I was catching a 205 on the stage until we went over a jump on a bridge, the 205 rolled and even took out a telephone pole:wow:

crash banna rally nov 2011 - YouTube
Cool videos! the tarmac rallying looks awesome over where you are. Is that proflex suspension your running?
Bro i want spec list of that B16!!!!!
Reminds me why the **** did i get of my high revving b16 for a h22!!!!! :(
Yea the engine is B16a2 spec list is short:
high compression pistons
light port and polished head
buddy club spec II cat back exhaust with a 5 zigen manifold

shocks are proflex 3 way adjustables

295mm ap racing four pot brakes in frony with ds3000 pads
standard rear brakes with ds2500 pads

gearbox has gear-x short 3rd 4th 5th with straight cut 4.9fd
The plan for winter is get more power! Must take out the engine and rebuilt it with itb's and cams, the aim is for something over 200bhp
Sounds like fun will keep a eye for updates. All the best with your build
The engine is 175bhp at the moment. I picked up a b16b over the holidays so will be putting that into the car, also fitting ITB's to it. Hope to have it ready for a test in a few weeks.
I like the alignment tool lol. What is the full spec of the b16b??