My slow but sure EK4 build up!

cracking build mate, got a ek4 myself and was seriously thinking about getting rid but seeing this makes me think again, nothing beats messing about with your car
cracking build mate, got a ek4 myself and was seriously thinking about getting rid but seeing this makes me think again, nothing beats messing about with your car

lol, thanks! Yea i'm already thinkin i'm gonna need another project once this is done!:D
Today's update!

Got up this afternoon and decided to spray my engine and all that.

So i wheeled it out into the sunshine to help the drying process, and save the lungs!

I forgot to take a few pics at the start but its the same as a few pages ago.

Here goes...

I also disected my Dizzy to spray this up too, but forgot to take more pics than this. Sorry!:D

So I then started to put stuff back together, Inlen mani back on, Dizzy back on and all the pipes, PCV etc at the back.

Love the Apexi Neo my step dad has it in his 200sx s13 its a great piece of kit:nice:
Lol! I thought i was taking too long! The months seem to just morph together!
Keep on it dude, send us a linky!

As for the spray, its just halford's own brand aerosol Hi-temp aluminium paint. In 300ml can. Handy size and has a good clog free nozzle, and covers really well.

Halfords Very High Temperature Paint Aluminium 300ml from Halfords Price £5.99

HTH dude....:drive:

brilliant man cheers, the purchase has been made!
yes been at it for a while, but to be honest 18month of this i had the car locked away in a garage and never looked near it! 6 months ago i got the urge again and have been workin flat since!

i'll send u a few pics, pm me ur email!
Today's Update!

Right, iI arranged to do this on thursday evening, full underseal.

Got the motor transported to my mate's garage last night, ready for work this morning.

So at 10 this morning we (my neighbour and I) started stripping the rear suspension off. Inevitably with any UK car, there's seized bolts, quite a few in fact!

But anyway i'll let the pics do the talking...:)

This is mostly the prep in getting the shell up to the spraying stage:




Most of the cleaning done at this stage, few more wee bits though...

And here is some pics of the actual spraying and the finished article. My mate Johnny in the pics too! Bit camera shy lol!

SO happy with my day's work!;)


Bring it on salt! lol!

Just went through this now, some build man! Fair play, I should really get the finger out and get mine undersealed!
Update time again!

Well got messed around by the college today, so turns out i had none! After drivin 65 miles for nothing! In a shitroen C3 i might add!

So went back homne to my mate's workshop and got stuck in to the rear of the car.

I sprayed the petrol tank and filler pipes in hammerite stone chip guard and have them ready to fit now.

I put on the 2 rear trailing arms back on after i got the toe arms off AWS. Happy days!

I'll let the pics do the talking, enjoy...

I love the way everything looks against the matt black underseal!
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Like it alot man, looks great. Propably a great feeling to own this car !

Cheers svenni, One day i hope it will! Right now i feel like i own a load of parts! Hopefully in the next few months i'll have her back on the road!:nice:
enough copper grease lol

looks sweet aiden

Cheers leigh, but you can never have enough copper grease lol! I came across SO many near seized bolts in this car so i'm trying to stop it from happening, for when i'm changing parts later on.:)

Should hopefully have a big update this evening!:nice: