So done a few little things to the car since I last updated this thread. Got it Serviced and MOT'd just this week passing, and hopefully this time next week it'll be back on the road! As for what I have done to the car I bought a EK9 Rear Bench and cup holder and the sticker from @B16Swt a seeker spoiler which is currently at the painters from @Yonny and a spoon w/s banner and gear shifter from @EkBen so massive thanks to them guys for there help and time! I also bought a set of BBS RG-F's I believe these use to be owned by a member on here. To my knowledge they came off a boosted mx5? Anyway got them wheels and they are probably not to everybody's taste, but they have a real oldskool feel to them and they are light as hell!

Looking good man! Finally had the chance to look through properly. Loving the smooth bumper. I'll be getting mine done soon hopefully :)
So small update on the car... sadly it isn't a positive update.. a week a go on Friday that just past, the engine developed a knock.. which progressed in a very small amount of time.. heading out to my friends house to help him with his car the car cut out at a junction, at first i thought "great the battery is flat" but upon restarting the engine something was off, i wasn't aware of the knock at this point may i add, i didn't intentionally drive the car knowing there was something out of place.. luckily the area i was in had a garage at hand so stopped and had someone check out the car for me, oil level was fine, coolant was a little low but nothing scary and there was no smoke coming out the car, no water in the head which was a positive.. but you could clearly hear something just wasn't right with the car. so made a few phone calls and had a garage look at the car and we were all in agreement that the thermo was faulty on the car and the big end bearing had bit the bullet.. but.. reassuringly I was told it was fixable, so hopefully i can find a engine builder that will take on the job.. which leads me onto the next part. I would like the car to be in the right hands and from my knowledge there are very few engine builders up in the Aberdeenshire area. So if there is anyone with suggestions of a builder in my jurisdiction on where to put the car for a while it would be greatly appreciated.

The car has a huge sentimental value to me and I wont be writing it off over this small hiccup.. My friend said it was a blessing in disguise.. B Swap was thrown around for a while but decided i wanted to focus on what I already have. I'll inevitably swap it in the near future but for now I would just like to see the car back on the road again.

I'll leave it there for just now.. I'll leave a mandatory scenic pic of the car i took a few weeks a go.. :)

Thanks for viewing people.
so since i haven't updated this thread for months now i'll put a small update in. the car is back on the road but the good old rust worm has striked. good old uk road's! so it'll be off the road again soon and getting the tlc it deserves. in that time the type r should finally be back on the road! i'll update that thread also in due time. but the ej is doing okay. haven't given up on it yet! thought about b series but insurance is just a nightmare for the swap. nobody will take me on, if anyone knows of any insurance companies that welcome the idea of a b swapped ej with a 20 year old driver let me know! :)) Thanks for viewing.