NeilVtec EK9 Build up

Oh i only ask because that is like half the size of my airbox and i wanna get an airbox now but not the standard box
Cheers Low Life! :nice:

I should really update this soon! Barely driven the thing apart from one trackday this year due to buying a house :( I miss it!!
Quick one out the window yesterday. Its first drive in a long time. Plagued with Sunday drivers which really didn't help my attempt at trying to re-kindle my love for it! I Love the car so much but track-days have just killed road driving for me. If its not on a track I just wanna tootle around in my quiet and comfortable 1.4 EP haha

As some of you are aware, This year came. Got out at PPC with Welz / Si / Dom and some others for a started to the year, Had a few nice drives out in it and then took it donington a couple of weeks ago.

but unfortunately i think the time has come to sell her with a new house under my belt money is alot less readily available now for trackdays etc :( Very very sad times :(

Anyway, here's some of the last pics of her before she's now sat in my garage hoping for another loving owner to give it the time it deserves.


Treated it to a nice new intake at the start of the year! Along with a box of stuff that still hasn't even been fitted :(


Mallory with 2 of my mega buddies and favorite civic's which have now also unfortunately been sold / broken :(







and its farewell date at donington. Where without trying to sound big headed it was untouchable other than a 550hp RX7 on slicks! 120mph around craners was fun one last time!




And a very sorry last walk away from it in a pit garage :(


Hopefully some magic will come along which means i can keep it, But its not looking likely, If you are seriously interested drop me a PM.

Looking for around £7500 but I'm willing to talk if you are seriously interested. Don't insult me with stupid offers as I'll just ignore you :nice:

Thanks for all the positive comments along the way, Glad to see people have enjoyed reading the progress on something I've loved building / Using :D
Just read all this, took me 2 hours lol, but was worth, such a good build. It's a shame you had to sell up.
hang on where do you put the no plate woth the bumper holes removed?
Double sided sticky pads! (not strong ones) just pulls on and off with ease.. or at least it did as this car is now...........


:'( :(
Shame you had to sell Niel, great car. Really liked the track focused set up. Any plans for mores cars of the same nature in the near future??
Gutted mate :(. Remember this back in the day on CSC or was it CL? Hope you got the money you wanted anyway, definitely worth it IMO!
Was on CSC with my first civic, and yeah this one was on CL too!

Unfortunately with the house The are no plans for anything similar anytime soon, Im sure in a few years time Ill be re-visiting the car scene hopefully with either another ek9 or morelikely some kind of kit car! Got myself a new Mountain bike to try and get some adrenaline elsewhere.

still so sad to not have this car, and no i didn't really get the money i wanted but i needed it gone :(

One day I'll be back! :nice:
Really enjoyed reading this thread. A shame you had to sell it in the end, but hopefully you'll find something else and make another build with so much detail.

Ehehehe this background is Terreiro do Paço in Lisbon here, Portugal XD

Btw awesome project ;)

Never thought I'd be back here, but here I am! Looking forward to ripping about in an Ek9 again.

Slightly different to my last B18C track weapon, this one is completely stock! I THINK I intend to keep it that way too, or if anything does happen it will be very minimal.

Looking forward to going and having a read about at what build threads have been going on over the last 10 years haha